Gordon Smith is one of the most unique and talented psychic mediums in the world. He is accurate, prescise, direct and evidential……something that many lesser mediums may claim, but don’t often display.

Several members of our community tell us that Gordon is the psychic medium they most admire, and while he’s not a well known name in the USA, his popularity across the pond is clear.

Check out this interesting interview with Gordon Smith, where he discusses both his gift….and the hardships he’s had to face and overcome along the way.

Gordon’s gift went largely ignored as he grew up. He became a barber and at the age of 17 met Kate, a girl who lived near his grandmother in Glasgow.

They were drawn to each other despite having a tempestuous relationship and by the time Gordon was 19 she was pregnant.

“We got married because that was the done thing and we were in love,” says Gordon.

For the following decade he lived a normal life with a wife, two children and a job as a hairdresser.

And then, after years of calm, he saw another spirit.

“It was my colleague Chrissie’s brother standing in my bedroom in a tartan shirt and tight blue jeans with his arms folded,” he says.

“Ten minutes later the police knocked on my door. They had come to deliver the salon keys as Chrissie had been in a house fire. It was only the following day that I found out her brother had died.”

At Chrissie’s request Gordon accompanied her to see a medium in an attempt to make contact with her dead brother. But when they arrived it was Gordon the medium had a message for.

“She told me, ‘You are a medium yourself. ‘You’ll be on the stage doing this within five years.’

“And then she proceeded to tell me all about my grandmother who’d died at the age of 42.”


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