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Today’s Q and A interview features Ann Howard, a gifted intuitive and Spiritual Adviser from Dallas, Texas. Be sure to check out Ann’s website HERE, and you can enjoy her entire interview below!

Q: What has your experience been like doing this work, living this life and
having an unusual calling?

Ann: It has been an emotional rollercoaster to be very honest. I’m constantly challenged, as
we all are, but I’m in a daily lesson with my gift. Everything that I experience brings a lesson to me. These lessons are important to understand because they are also messages that help me become higher in vibration and in my awareness. I’m always in
preparation…we all are. Meaning there are no COINCIDENCES everything happens for a reason, You’re being prepared for something.

Q: How (and when) did you discover this path?

Ann: During my childhood years, I knew I was different. This is the best explanation I can give, I believed I had some kind of power. It was when my father couldn’t removed a bag of ice that was stuck in the freezer. Two other adults tried and as they were talking I went over and I remember I said to myself ” I can do this” I tugged on the bag and detached it. My father looked at me with this amazed look, but then said ‘” I must have loosened it” “ok Dad! if that’s what you think!” I thought to myself. That day I knew my mind said something to me and I believed I had power through my thoughts. ( the power of positive thinking)

Q: What challenges have you faced along the way?

Ann: Many will try to bring you down, tell you that your gift is not acceptable to God’s way.
At first it scared me and made believe that I was doing something wrong. But then I realized that people will try to make you feel you are not worthy of God’s love or worthy to receive a gift from God. We all have the ability to see and feel Angels, it’s whether you want too. If I didn’t trust in God, then I wouldn’t have received his gift. I don’t know about you, but if you’re not receiving God’s gift, then think about where the gift is coming from. There are two sides to this world. Light and darkness. I want to be in light and that will be my forever challenge.

Q: What makes what you different from others?

Ann: I only work with Angels. Everything I do is in light. I don’t contact the dead and I don’t
believe in predicting your future. Your future is up to you and God. I am here to give
messages and guide you into understanding them. You must understand TODAY in
order to move forward. TODAY makes a difference for tomorrow, and if you don’t
understand TODAY you will not understand tomorrow. That is why some predictions
fail, there are things that must be done TODAY! to achieve your future.

Q: What is your process like? Describe a typical reading

Ann: I call forward Angels by your name. I most likely have your name before a session so I
spend about 10-15 minutes calling in your Angels (not mine). I ask questions to your
Angels, pray for protection, and ask your Angels to speak through me so that the
message is clear and understanding. My readings are so rewarding for reader and I,
we have a great connection and will always leave session uplifted and happy. That is
a blessing to me.

Q: What is a typical day like….work wise, otherwise?

Ann: A typical day is wake up, Thank God I’m alive, pray to Jesus, and take my kids to
school. While they are away I call in (by prayer) anyone that is in need of guidance
and support. I also spend time looking for ways I can volunteer. I own 10 acres, I walk
outside and connect with nature. It’s very rejuvenating.

Q: Do you have to turn on (or shut off) to live a normal life outside of your

Ann: Absolutely, I have to shut out negativity constantly to avoid absorbing it on a daily

Q: When did you know you were different or more intuitive than others? Was that ever a challenge or a struggle?

Ann: Like I mentioned I always knew I had a knowing as a child that made me a target of
many things. It was definitely a challenge as I struggled to keep friends.

Q: What one thing you believe that other people think is “crazy”or far out
that informs your life……..or influences your work?

Ann: One thing for sure that the spiritual world would have you constantly moving and
changing things. Basically it’s shaping you and if your afraid to make changes or bold
decisions, then you will not learn or absorb the ability to become in higher vibration
and higher with God. God will also test you to see if you trust Him, and if you’re afraid
what others might think, then you are in a world that conforms you. The way I block
what others think is to remember that they are NOT in your shoes, and your life is
NOT theirs. IT”S YOURS!

Q: Are you superstitious?

Ann: NOPE! Everything happens for a reason, it’s preparation in lesson. There are no
coincidences. Our lessons are from God …. even if they hurt. People need to understand
that our loving God is also a disciplined one just like a mother who loves her child will
show discipline out of love, to teach right from wrong.

Q: Do you do anything before a reading to help you connect,tune in or get in

Ann: Yes I pray for myself and the reader and I protect us from anything possibly entering
during the session.

Q: For our readers that would like to develop their OWN psychic or intuitive
gifts…do you have any favorite tips,exercises or recommendations that they can
try or apply?

Ann: The most important key is to listen. That means you must exercise taking time out of
your daily routine and sit in silence. Doing this will raise your senses ( abilities) you
can become more sensitive and aware to your own message or messages for others. I
do advise NOT to work in contacting any past loved ones. The world is becoming more
negative and darkness will always present itself in light. You have to be careful that
you DO NOT open the door for any negative spirit waiting for a chance to come in
through you. This is called an attachment many people have them and never know
they do, but if you’re enlightened, you will be aware when the attachment exist. If you
choose to practice raising your awareness, you must first cleanse yourself. So, it’s very
important that you are spiritually cleansed and all old negativity is released. You also
must practice the ability of trust, because you must trust God and yourself.

Q: How do people react when you tell them you’re a psychic?

Ann: Honestly I don’t say I’m a psychic. I present myself as a spiritual adviser. I do have a
psychic title on my website because that word attracts that’s what people are looking
for these days.

Q: What is your process like when doing a reading? Is one sense more dominant for you than others when doing a reading?

(e.g.- are you seeing spirit-hearing messages-visualizing and interpreting signs and symbols. Exactly how does your own unique process fold?)

Ann: When I connect with a person by name I begin to immediately connect with their
feelings. This is called an Empath. Once I connect in that way it’s like I go into their
world and everything or everyone that is important to this person will be seen
surrounding him/her. After that is done, my vision becomes greater and I will then
explain what I see. e.g. numbers, days, people, etc.

Q: Tell us one thing about your daily life that would surprise us?

Ann: I’m not perfect and I do not have the ability to see my own future. If I did I would play
the lotto!

Q: Do you have one exceptional, memorable or particular powerful reading or experience that you can share?

Ann: I was contacted by a young lady, energy very low, and she was ready to end her life
over a man she loved. I know people who talked about committing suicide but this
young lady called me as her last hope. I felt very challenged I asked God, Jesus, My
Angels and Guides to step in and all Angels in love and strength to help me say words
that will change her heart and mind. That was the first time I realized I had a divine
team. I learned through her, as I asked her not to leave this earth because she just
taught me a lesson. I thanked her for calling me and told her that she has a gift.

Q: Describe your first reading? Was a friend, family member or a paying client?

Ann: My first real reading was a paying client, I was so nervous because I was receiving
money for my time. I wanted to make sure that her messages were clear and she didn’t
become confused or upset. My nervousness didn’t allow me to channel thoroughly so I
offered another reading to her. Thankfully she was understanding and we conducted
the reading the next day. It well so that you know.

Q: Share one challenge or unusual “issues” that this “gift” presents that most of us would never think of?

Ann: One thing you must be aware of, is that when you are strong in light you may be
challenged but defeat it. Remember that not only are you a target but your family is as
well. So since I am strong, darkness may strike at my family. The key is I explain and
bring awareness to my family about this evil side that will always attempt. We protect
ourselves with prayer, God, Jesus, and Angels. I also let them know that it is their
WILL to be strong for themselves and be aware when evil is trying to strike. I read out
of the bible a lot, my savior is Jesus and in our household we are strong and bold
through Christ.

Q: Have your readings changed over the years? Is there anything you do now that you didn’t do when you first began? Is it a skill that can be honed,refined, developed or improved…….or is it more or less exactly the same for you now, than when you first began?

Ann: Yes they have changed. I realized that every reading is different and in order to really tune in I ask Angels to speak through me. Prayer is the key to everything.

Q: What is the most important message or takeaway that you like to offer your clients during a session?

Ann: I always have to visually go inside my clients “timeline” as I call it, grab their hand and bring them back to today because they have jumped too far ahead of life and forgot what today is meant for. They usually get it when I explain what I’m doing.

Q: Do you ever have a reading and completely draw blank?

Ann: Yes I always offer another day to possibly connect or their money back. Sometimes a connection is not made for my protection; e.g. I get on a reading and ask if I can contact a loved one or talk about a spirit that has been taunting them. If I don’t have visualization most likely its my Angels protecting me. Like I mentioned I ask for protection prior to a reading. I offer money back because money is not the important factor in what I do.

Q: How do you deal with cynics,skeptics,or people who aren’t supportive of psychic or spiritual work in general?

Ann: If I feel like it’s worth explaining myself then I would, but for the most part I just say I’m here if you ever need anything and pray for them. If I were to put my energy into explaining I would be exhausted.

Q: How do you religious beliefs inform (or not) your work? Is a traditional religious practice important to this work…….or are they very different things for you?

Ann: I know the bible says not to turn to psychics and that was a challenge I had to overcome. I overcame it because I wasn’t telling people what they wanted to hear and I really don’t make a fortune out of what I do. God brings just enough that I need for my family and in return I help people remember how loving our God is. I don’t call what I do a business and my first intentions isn’t money, my first intentions are helping others.

Q: What about religious people who believe that psychic or spirit communication is “evil” or prohibited?

Ann: I understand and am very respectful towards others and their beliefs, but they are not to
judge me and if they do then they are no better than I.

Q: How do you describe your work to strangers?If you are at a party or a social situation where you don’t know anyone……….how do you answer the “so what do you do?” question?

Ann: I am energy healer and I read with Angels. Most of the time I get ” oh that’s cool! So what are my Angels saying about me?” Depends on the energy my answer will vary.

Q: So what is coming up for you in 2016? Any exciting projects in the works?

Ann: I actually have two things I’m currently working on, the first is a book for children called “Amber and the talking Donkey” a book about anger. My son is helping with illustration and my goal is to have it published by January. The second is a guide to “Healing ourselves whole” it’s a practice guide to help us turn off negative thoughts
and switch them into positive ones. That is complete just waiting to be edited.

Q: How can our readers connect with you?

Ann: By visiting my website: And if anyone is Dallas Texas area, I do offer group
or individual in person readings.

Q: Final Thoughts?

Ann: I just want to say that most importantly God wants you to do is acknowledge Him and love yourself. It’s important to have self love and acceptance because you will never be happy and waste time seeking answers when the answers are within you.

Ann Howard


Thanks so much to Ann Howard for a great interview and for answering so many of the questions submitted by our readers! Don’t forget to check out Ann’s profile on the FamousPsychicMediums directory HERE, and to visit her website directly to learn more about some of the exciting things she has planned for 2016!

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