Kim Russo on the Afterlife

Kim Russo pictured with Regis Philbin

Can anyone learn to be psychic? Do you need to be born a medium to be able to communicate with the dead? What is the best way for ordinary people to have extraordinary experiences with spirit or afterlife evidence WITHOUT speaking to a psychic or medium? And what about all of those paranormal TV shows? Are they fact, fiction or somewhere in between?

Here is an interesting interview with celebrity psychic medium and TV star Kim Russo….on some of her thoughts on communicating with spirit, learning to become more psychic and what she really thinks about all of those ghosts on TV…:-)

Check out the full interview at the link following the short excerpt below.  (or check out Kim Russo’s Famous Psychic Medium profile right here)

I am…and pride myself in being…a questioner and cynic. I require concrete evidence to be swayed in any direction. I have learned, however, to maintain an open mind and a willingness to listen, in the absence of such evidence.

Gary Levine: Kim, I have heard and read psychic ability described as a “sixth sense”…as if it was another manner in which to absorb information from the environment…and heard it said that we all have this ability but that most of us are simply unable to use it. Do you agree? Can one be trained to utilize that sense?

Kim Russo: “No. I feel that most of us can use it if we learn how to use it. I think it should be taught in schools! We’re all born with that sixth sense…everyone has a “gut feeling.” Everyone has a Chakra system (according to, ‘throughout our body we have main energy centers, which are connected to major organs or glands that govern other body parts. Each of these main energy centers is referred to as chakra.’). Everyone has intuition and everybody is an energy in the universe.”

“I’m not saying that everyone will become the top psychic medium out there…just like not everyone in the singing world will be Celine Dion. However, there are levels and most of the audience…when I do my live shows, I usually ask people ‘how many people here, on some level, have had some sort of experience that they couldn’t explain…whether it be a dream knowing something that you had no way of knowing…or knowing who was on the other end of the phone (Kim…that’s not psychic…we call that “Caller ID.” Just kidding, sorry.). I want to say that almost 100% of the audience raises their hand. This tells me that if they develop it more…they can be good at it. Just like one learns to play the piano. If I really want to dedicate my life to learning how to play…like Liberace…I could do it. And you can definitely put in the time to learn about the ability. Like dancing…maybe you have two left feet…but after a whole season on “Dancing with the Stars,” you’re a much better dancer then you were before.”

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