Who is most likely to see a spirit? Are psychic mediums the best way to connect with the spirit or energy of a loved one that you’ve love lost, or are you better trying to make a connection on your own? And what does the evidence say about people who have an after death communication with someone that has crossed over?

Any of these questions sound familiar? The truth is, while most people think that it’s ONLY the psychics and mediums who are able to help you connect with a loved one who has “crossed”, the real life “scientific” evidence says something very different.

For example?

There have been a number of informal studies and surveys done over the last few years that suggest that well MORE than 60% of parents who lose a child will have a concrete after death experience that they believe is a genuine communication from the “ethereal” realms.

Many of these experiences are visual, and on occasion (although not often enough for skeptics) are encounters witnessed or experienced by multiple people.

A slightly lower, but still very significant (over 50% in most studies I’ve read) of married couples who lose a spouse with have a similar experience….and these communications often recur for many years after a death. (especially in the elderly, who may have been married for 25, 35 or 40 years or more prior to one of the couple passing away)

My own grandmother, someone who was not a religious or particularly spiritual person prior to the passing of my grandfather, shared many experiences where she claimed to see him for years after his death, in very vivid detail.

She was bothered by the fact that he never spoke…….but was re-assured that he was there and would be there when her time came many years later.

She also told me closer to her own passing that she could feel him in bed as her own health declined…..hugging her in the same way they she liked him to –  many years earlier in physical life.

We’ve had countless members of our own community share stories over the last year about their own unexpected experiences with spirit….many touching, heartfelt, completely life changing (especially for the more skeptically inclined) and often, outright impossible to explain away.

(unless you insist those sharing the stories are making them up, or hallucinating…..something that many still claim)

What really impresses me as I re-read the many emails we’ve received since 2104?

We’ve had incredible accounts from hospice workers and nurses of all kinds who have shared incredible stories of seeing spirits…..both in the rooms of the sick, as well as those of their patients….as they left their bodies and crossed into the mysterious realm that awaits.

As I type this……there are at least half a dozen hospice stories in front of me right now, from our readers and subscribers, that describe witnessing the spirit of a patient leave the body at the moment of passing…and several of these are attested to by various people in the same room.

There are a wide variety of after death communication experiences that can your life.  What do YOU believe?  (and why?)

There are a wide variety of after death communication experiences that can your life. What do YOU believe? (and why?)

There are an incredible array of extraordinary experiences that are FAR more common than most people realize….(and most skeptics believe) that include highly credible and incredibly common “felt sense” of spirit – from death bed visions, to crisis apparitions (where a dying person appears to someone else, inexplicably – often hundreds of miles away, to say goodbye or transmit a message or just appears for no good reason at all 🙂 to hyper real dream visitation experiences, amongst many others.

And of course, a good EVIDENTIAL medium can also be an amazing asset as well, and can be a life changing experience as well.

But it’s not the only way to explore the spirit world….and contrary to what many people believe, it’s not the most common way that ordinary people get extraordinary evidence that life doesn’t end at death.

What have YOUR experiences been?

What evidence do YOU find most personally persuasive…..and what has happened in your life that you can’t explain? Share with us on Facebook….or in the community comments below!

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