Many of the worlds most famous psychics and mediums have the unique opportunity to have their work (and abilities) validated by some of the worlds top celebrities, thought leaders, social media superstars and even “skeptics” in their respective fields.

This doesn’t always work in the favor of the psychic or spiritual “guru”, as lots of times the person doing the testing…..isn’t a believer in psychics, spirits, the afterlife or ANYTHING outside of conventional scientific consensus. (just ask spoon bender and psychic extraordinaire Uri Geller how his experiences with the late Johnny Carson, and the infamous James Randi went, and how they forever impacted his career thereafter)

Many psychic mediums like John Edward, Kim Russo, James Van Praggh and other A list spiritual celebrities have used popular endorsements to catapult their careers! For example, Oprah, Dr. Oz even shows like Montel Williams (who loved controversial psychic Sylvia Browne a little bit too much for OUR taste..:-) have done wonders for many famous mediums, and brought the idea of afterlife evidence to the masses, outside of the conventional religious thought.

Theresa Caputo has really taken this to the next level, with many appearances on TV, outside of her own show, cementing her reputation as a world class character, and genuinely gifted medium, amongst some of the most famous and influential stars today. Dr Oz famously put her under a brain scan while doing readings, and her innumerable appearances on day time talk shows have catapulted her to stardom far beyond what her own show could do.

Here is a recent (july 2015) experience shared by actress Olivia Munn on her extraordinary experience with the Long Island Medium…and her conviction that the reading she spontaneously received from Theresa was super special and meaningful to her alone. (of course the author of the article below wants to make it appear like Munn was “hoodwinked” by the reading, but that is up to YOU to decide 🙂

Check out the full story at the link following the short excerpt below, including some more TV appearances by Theresa Caputo and some fun video as well!

Olivia Munn revealed recently that she believes in Theresa Caputo, star of the TLC reality show Long Island Medium. Munn told the story of her meeting Caputo and the conversation that took place between them that convinced her Caputo was the real deal.

“Theresa Caputo and I met at Live With Kelly and Michael in 2012. Within five minutes of meeting me, she said, ‘You had a necklace of your grandmother’s, but I feel like you don’t have it anymore — like it was given away by accident. Does that make sense?’

“It did: When I was little, my grandmother had a glass locket with gold chips in it. I felt a connection to it — but when she passed away, for some reason I gave it to my cousin Carrie. Years later, I found out Carrie no longer had it [it turns out Olivia’s mom had taken it!], which made me upset. So I decided to get another necklace that looked just like it.

“I didn’t tell anyone I had done that; not one person in the world knew. But Theresa did. She said, ‘Your grandmother wants you to know that even though you don’t have the original anymore, she’s really happy that you had a replica made.’ I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh.’ She has a gift.”

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