Who else would some super simple tips and techiques for re-discovering MAGIC, meaning and mojo in your every day life?

Here are 7 super simple ideas that have been “scientifically” validated for improving mood, and cultivating connection, compassion and community with the world around us all.

For example….the simple act of smiling is a proven and powerful way to decrease cortisol, and increase endorphins…..EVEN if you have to force yourself to do it.

Cultivating compassion, or a sense of curiosity about the people in world around you, is a great way of activating brain centers that are well known to heighten your sense of connection, and the emotion of empathy, with those who you meet on the street….or anywhere else for that matter as well. (this works wonderfully well if you find yourself judging others or making assumptions about people that AREN’T healthy or helpful – simply being curious about WHY people say and do the things they do is a great way of establishing a connection….and finding things you have in COMMON rather than in competition.

Check out a short PDF presentation we made on this topic earlier this week…..OR, share YOUR favorite ways to wake up the world, and change yourself in the process, in the community comments below!

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