Afterlife Evidence – Some of the BEST Proof of the Life After Death

What is the best proof of the afterlife? Is there any ONE type of evidence that can convince the skeptics that life after death is real?

The truth is, we get this question in so many different forms, and it really is such an easy one to answer!  The best “proof” is always that which you experience for yourself, first hand…..and is so powerfully profound that no amount of skeptical derision can convince you otherwise.

For me, there is no comparison between some types of spiritually tranformative experiences, like the ones that serve up such rock solid PROOF positive, that it’s actually harder to NOT believe what happened, than to accept what has.

For example?

ADC’s (after death communication) experiences, where you visually SEE someone who has died – often interacting with them in ordinary ways…..only to learn later that they passed on previous to your encounter, are amongst the very BEST types of afterlife evidence you are ever going to find.


Because if you know what happened is true….and you know that you weren’t deluded or dreaming or deceiving yourself in some other wishful thinking kind of way, and really DID interact in an obvious way with someone who had previously passed, there is no better way of becoming convinced that the afterlife is real, than this.  (and this is exactly what happened to me many years ago – and experience that changed the course of my own beliefs, and life forever)

When this type of ADC accompanies other witnesses, it can be even more powerful and profound.  

While these types of experiences are a bit rare…they DO happen to thousands of people a year, where a small group of people will see the same spirit…..and have an extraordinary experience collectively, that changes all of their lives at once.

One of the most common types of afterlife evidence that you hear about very rarely in in the mainstream media are death bed visions.  There are millions of people who have had these experiences firsthand….and while they can be a bit more difficult to document with 100% certainty (as those having the expereince are often very close to death themselves and can’t communicate much thereafter) they DO provide some of the most amazing evidence that human consciousness is far more complex  than most of us will admit.

Spend a few days in a hospice setting and talk to nurses and end of life caregivers (as I have) about what they’ve seen in the last moments of many of their patients lives….and they’ll tell you things and relate stories that will inspire you, uplift you and encourage you to open your mind to the magic and the mystery….and ultimately, maybe even the definition of living (and loving) a meaningful life.

Check out a few simple stories of death bed visions from the comments section of a few Amazon books below…..ordinary people – not authors or spiritual teachers – or even neccessarily BELIEVERS – just people sharing the incredible and uplifting spiritual stories that they’ve witnessed firsthand.   Enjoy….you can see them at the link following the short excerpt below.


After reading this book I was not satisfied. I feel the author could have given more information as to his sources or research.
I did have a true experience with my mother during the process of her death. She had been in a coma for 3 months. No communications from her whatsoever. On the day of her death, she sat upright on her hospital bed and opened up her eyes (which she had not done for months), smiling ear to ear she looked towards the foot of her bed and said “mama, Anna” (her mom and her sister both deceased) “it has been so long since I saw you last”. With that she fell backwards and her lips turned blue, her b/p dropped and was pronounced dead in a couple of minutes. So, I do believe, there is something, but other than my own experience, this book did little to convince me there is anything more.

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