Do You Remember A Past Life?

We want to hear about it!  Do you have memories of other people…..other places, other PASSIONS and other life purposes that seem to somehow linked to your current incarnation but can’t quite figure out how?  Do you have incredible feelings of closeness and connection to people or places you’ve only recently met or seen?

Have you always felt like an OLD soul?  For example, is your inner compass always steering you in a direction you can only describe as your destiny?  Do you feel an extraordinary sense of knowing……an intuition or wisdom that seems to transcend your age and years?

light worker quizThe truth is, past life memories, or karmic connections manifest in different lives in very different ways.  Some people have powerful and profound memories of other personalities and other lifetimes, while others only have a strange spiritual sensation of being connected to a soul that feels vaguely like it’s not your own.  (but yet, still is)

If you’ve had a past life memory….we want to hear from you!  Our next book is going to tackle ordinary people who remember extraordinary things from other lifetimes, and if the shoe fits……we’d love for you to share.

Plus, you’ll get a chance to work with best selling Amazon author Michael Martin on some very powerful karmic clearing exercises which can help you overcome any blocks, challenges or crisis that your karma may be collecting in this one.  (a great way of not only overcoming all kinds of challenges that are holding you back in THIS lifetime, but quite often, also freeing yourself from the negative and repetitive destructive cycles that so many of us spend our  lives repeating)

Want to learn more?  Connect with us via email @ – or drop us a note on Twitter @suddenlypsychic or simply share your story in the community comments section below!

There is very little as exciting, inspiring and illumating as seeing how your previous lifetimes are affecting your current one – and if you are curious but not convinced……we WANT to help!  Contact us to learn more…and take the first step in the spiritual experience of a lifetime, today,


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  1. Angela kolls

    I have memories of my life .my past life . Alot of it. And I remember my death .how I died . I know where I lived then , the land and the people .I had them in my life ,forever I guess .from the seems like the beginning of time .I have understanding I have been her before and I came back .I died before my soulmate but he was waiting on me always it seems I am not with him anymore but yet I am always longing for him still.i live right down the street and we are now both remarried and very unhappy.i would be glad to share my side with you .he has memories too xx I don’t know if he will share them . thanks ,Angela k.

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