Afterlife Evidence

The Top 9 Types of Afterlife Evidence

What is the best evidence for an afterlife? Are psychic medium readings the ONLY way to “prove” that the afterlife is real? We get a lot of questions about how to prove that life after death is a true thing to look forward to. It might surprise you to know that in OUR view, you […]


Is the Afterlife Real?

Can life after death be proven? If so…..HOW so? Can near death experiences be explained away by science? What about out of body experiences, visions of the deceased, psychic and spiritual experiences, and the whole hodge podge of evidence that seems to suggest that death is NOT the end? Is it all wishful thinking…..or is […]

Afterlife Evidence

Life After Death: 75% of Americans Still Believe in an Afterlife

Think that belief in life after death is declining?  Think again!  Contrary to many of the reports that say spiritual belief is on the decline……many recent studies show that the vast majority of Americans still believe in some form of an afterlife, even though the religious dogmas associated with that belief are definitely on the […]

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