Are NDE’s Real? And what can we learn about life……from those who have died and returned to tell the tale?

The debate about the “reality” of the near death experience is really a silly one to have. Regardless of what you believe they reflect or represent, they are most definitely REAL experiences, and are often considered “hyper real” or the most impacting, inspiring and concrete experiences of a lifetime, by those who have had them.

To discount the NDE as NOT real in some way……would really mean we have to completely change our definition of experience, and reality, and how those things intersect.

Of course the BIGGER question is, do the experiences themselves point to some sort of external reality outside of the body, or are they merely projections or imaginations or hallucinations generated by the brain as it struggles to survive. (or as it lets go of life)

These are far more interesting questions to me….and ones that finally, mainstream science is beginning to ask. Of course, I do believe that the human spirit exists outside of the body, and the NDE, to me… reflective of that process.

Check out the article and video below on the recent groundbreaking study done by Dr Sam Parnia in hospitals around the globe….on what people remember when they are clinically dead.

Dye made her life-changing discovery on a drive to the grocery store 30 years ago. Not far from her Maryland home, another driver veered into her path and nearly cost Dye her life.

“I had enough time to think, ‘Oh my god, he’s–,'” Dye said. “I felt no impact. I felt nothing. And the next thing I knew I was looking down from the top of my car.”

Dye was clinically dead and says she watched her own crash scene from a distance. It was the story of an out-of-body-experience that has been told hundreds of times by hundreds of other people.

Dye said there was even a tunnel of light.

“You can see this bright, bright light, but the most important part is you can feel it,” Dye recalled. “I saw almost immediately all of my relatives who have passed.”

She was even able to communicate with them, Dye said.

“You know, (they told me) how happy they were to see me, and how proud of me they are,” she said. “And I really do think that the worst thing we can be is afraid.”

Her experience confirmed what she had forever believed — that life exists even after death.

“I never had a question whether it was real or not. It was real for me,” said Jack Dunlavey.

Dunlavey’s story starts five years ago when he was knocking on Death’s door. A short time after taking his tractor out of the barn, it gave way to the soggy ground and overturned. The 4,000-pound machine landed on Dunlavey’s back.

“Instantly I knew I was going to die,” he said.

Dunlavey’s story then sounds a lot like Dye’s. A bright tunnel appeared, and so did familiar faces.

“But when I walked in and floated into that, all my concerns were gone,” he said. “As I was in there, I also saw my parents coming toward me.”

Scientists have long believed these out-of-body experiences were simply hallucinations, but after studying the stories of more than 2,000 heart attack survivors, some researchers say the experiences may be real.

The study, which is the largest to date, found that more than 40 percent of survivors describe having some form of awareness long after they were declared dead.

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