Q: What is the best evidence for the afterlife? Is there any one singular strand of proof that is so convincing as to leave no shadow of a doubt that the afterlife, or life after death, is really true?

A: We get questions like this one at least several times per week (and often several times per day) and the truth is, in my view anyway, the MOST persuasive proof of the existence of an afterlife comes from personal experience, and not from books, or TV shows, or movies, or even articles like this one.

For example, I know life long skeptics and cynics of ALL things spiritual who have had an ADC (after death communication) expereince where the apparition of a loved one has appeared to them, well after death, in such a powerful and persuasive way, that no other alternative explanation could shake the conviction that what happened to them….was in fact, extraordinary evidence that the soul “survives” after the body is gone.

These are often the very same people who discount the experiences of others…..and who have told me (and others) how skeptical they were of ALL of the kinds of amazing adventures that other people have each and every day – from NDE’s, to OBE’s, to death bed visions, to shared death experiences (NDE’s where several people accompany the dying person into the “light”, and return to share what they saw) to hauntings, to medium readings, EVP and all of the amazing things that seem to suggest we ARE in fact spiritual beings having a human experience.

So my best advice to people who are seeking out afterlife evidence or personal PROOF that there is something after death, is NOT to read more, or watch more – but to SEEK out more first person expereinces which will give you the proof that can change your life.

Here is a great example of some of the top 5 types of experiences that point to an afterlife – written by the most wise Greg Taylor of the Daily Grail blog. (and author of the great book – “Dont’ Worry. There probably is an Afterlife”) Check out both at the article following the short excerpt below, or share your OWN afterlife experiences with us in the community comments, or on Twitter as well!

For instance, in 1968 a female near-death experiencer reported having the classic OBE view of her hospital room from outside her physical body, before finding herself in ‘heaven’ with an angel and a familiar-looking young man. “Why, Tom, I didn’t know you were up here,” she said to the close family friend, with Tom replying to her that he had just arrived himself. Not long after returning to her body, and life, her husband received a phone call with the unfortunate news that their friend Tom had died in a car accident.

In another case, a 9-year-old boy in Pittsburgh suffering from meningitis woke up the next morning and said he’d been in heaven and saw his grandparents and uncle, as well as his older sister, saying “she told me I have to come back, but she’s going to stay there with grandma and granddad”. The boy’s father became upset with him, rebuking the lad before assuring him that his sister was alive and healthy at college in Vermont, as he had spoken with her the previous day. Concerned at the father’s state, the doctor told him to go home and get some rest, at which time he found that the college had been trying to call him all night long with the tragic news that his daughter had been killed in a car accident the night before.

3. Mediumship

While the idea that certain people can ‘talk’ to the dead is a popular one in modern culture – witness the success of recent television shows such as Medium and Ghost Whisperer, not to mention hit movies like Ghost – such individuals are not as popular with scientists and skeptics, who tend to view them with contempt. The reason for this is no doubt the long association between mediumship and unscrupulous charlatans taking advantage of the bereaved, of which there have been more than a few. But mediumship proper goes back into prehistory, when shamans went into trance and acted as the conduit between the dead and the living.


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