NYC Psychics – 3 Things Worth Knowing About Finding a Psychic Medium in Manhattan

Q:  How do I find a good psychic or medium in New York City for my first reading?  Should I call a phone psychic service, just drop in on someone who advertises on the street, or should I call ahead and schedule an appointment with a professional?  Doesn’t scheduling an appointment raise the potential for “cheating” or cold reading as the psychic or medium can Google me in advance?  Is a phone reading a better idea EVEN if the psychic or medium has an office?  Help!?!

A:  We get some variation of this question a few times a week, especially from people who are looking for a psychic medium reading and live in major cities like NYC, Boston, Chicago and other major metropolitan areas.

The truth is, there IS  a lot of myth and misinformation about getting a reading locally, especially if you aren’t one who is immersed in the spiritual scene, and doesn’t have all of the right names in your rolodex.

With that in mind, and considering the most recent community question came in specifically about finding a psychic in Manhattan (paraphrased in the question above), here are a few important things worth knowing about finding a reputable psychic in NYC.

1 – First – if you are in Manhattan and are a spiritual or psychic junkie like me, consider yourself very lucky!

Why?  Because you have an amazing array of options to choose from…..from great local psychic and spiritual meetups, to community events, to spiritualist churches and of course, some of the very best well known intuitives in the world as well, often within walking distance of where you are reading these very words.  Comparing that against living in a small city, or a rural town like many of our readership does, your options for getting quality readings, across a wide variety of discplines, goes UP exponentially.

2 – Reading reviews is important, but so too is filtering the fluff and being a selective consumer with regard to the decisions you make thereafter.

For example, you can check out some of the NYC psychics and mediums here on our directory, or use a service like YELP or Thumbtack to check out readers reviews, but……and I say this from a position of “insider” knowledge, just because someone is well rated and well reviewed does NOT mean that they are the right reader for you.

I’ve had experiences with some very well known spiritual teachers and trainers who are no more psychic or intuitive than my mailman….and have had extraordinary experiences and readings with folks who are NOT known at all, and who operate in relative anonymity, prioritizing their sense of PURPOSE about their gift, and not the PR that is often required to build their brand and business.

So…..if you have a little bit of time, look around and connect with the spiritual community in NYC via meetups and local events.    Ask for referrals and recommendations from reputable sources like a Spiritualist Church.

3 – Lastly, take advantage of your extraordinary access to some of the best, world class spiritual teachers in the world and get very granular about the TYPE of reading that you want.

Many of the very best psychics specialize in very specific types of information, and intuition, and may NOT be as good in another.  Knowing what you need from your experience is a really powerful way to prepare, and to optimize the experience in your favor.  Again, this option may not be possible for folks living in small towns, or even small states where there might NOT be as much diversity in the types of psychics available.  But when you have SUCH an incredible array of talented, and very “niche” NYC readers, you really ought to take advantage of it!

(which means, you can probably find a past life psychic in Manhattan who specializes in JUST people who think they were Napolean Bonaparte’ in a previous incarnation, and another who handles all of the George Washington’s 😉

Of course, I kid…..but rejoice in the fact that if you are a psychic junkie and spiritual growth afficionado living in a big city, your options for incredible, local experiences really DO abound.

Know a good psychic or medium that ought to be listed on our directory?  Let us know about them!

To recommend a good NYC reader, use our contact or submission form.

To find some of the readers in Manhattan that others in our community have used or would recommend, drop us a note or connect on Twitter – we’re always happy to help!

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