sally morgan bookPsychic Sally (Sally Morgan) is finding herself under an increasingly harsh microscope over the last few weeks, and the bad news is, the attention is not the kind she (or the psychic industry) needs.  What aggravates me most about the situation is that it’s the sort of self inflicted injury that is completely unavoidable, and does a great dis-service to many others who do great work in the spiritual field.

If you aren’t familiar with some of the many problems that have plagued Sally Morgan over the last few months, you can read the article below for more….but I’ll give you a brief synopsis of some of the most recent ruckus.

When self described skeptic Mark Tillbrook began giving out flyers outside of her shows in a very benign and non confrontational way – encouraging the public to think “rationally” about communicating with the dead, and proposed some very simple ways people who DO believe in spirit communication could further put these views to an intellectual thought experiment (clearly trying to convey his belief that spirit communication is not possible) his presense outside of her shows attracted the ire of her management team…which also happens to be her immediate family.  (husband and son in law in this case)

Caught on film, her husband physically threatens the very NON threatening skeptic, and uses a series of homophobic and profane rants to let him know what awaits if he continues to distribute rationalist literature outside of her events.

The truth is, this is so wrong on a number of levels….obviously the homophobic language and physical threats are not kosher……but, it’s the general idea that mediums don’t want non believers around that is even worse for the rest of us who are passionate about this work.  Why?  Most GOOD psychics and mediums want feedback from people who fall on all sides of the spiritual fence – and this sort of skeptic bashing brings shame and un-neccessary stereotyping and scrutiny on mediums who do NOT abbhor skeptics or cynics, ,and welcome people of all beliefs to make up their own minds about what is happening when a good medium does his, or her best work for the paying public.

The best psychics and mediums have historically allowed themselves to be studied, or at least observed and held accountable by serious scientists who wanted to explore the evidence that they put forth. And I’m not talking about hyper critical skeptics (like James Randi and his million dollar challenge) – but rather the millions in the middle who are curious but NOT convinced, and would love to know more about mediumship, and psychic and spiritual experiences overall, even if they are NOT inclined to believe.

Certainly you don’t have to allow yourself to be bullied by those who don’t believe.  But, you can’t BECOME the bully yourself – and noting worth winning in the spiritual space is going to be advanced by threatening folks who don’t share our experiences, or beliefs.

You can read more about this evolving story at the link following the short excerpt below.  (and if you disagree….let us know why and where!)

Sally Morgan calls herself “the original 21st Century medium.” Her Facebook page has over 93K “likes”. Her bio reads:

Sally’s sell out theatre shows have been seen by a staggering half a million people, her hit television shows are watched by millions and her books are best-sellers!

With her unique personality, refreshing approach and uncanny accuracy she has won over sceptics across the globe.

But not nearly all skeptics.

She has been the center of controversy for several years now and the saga is not over yet.

Doubtful News has been following the drama that swirls around the U.K. psychic performer since 2011 when she was accused of covertly receiving information on stage. An allegation was reported to the Daily Mail by a skeptical advocade who related a story from an audience member at a Dublin show. The attendee heard what appeared to be a voice giving Sally direction on what to say via an earpiece. Morgan’s team deemed the accusation of cheating to be libelous. Morgan sued the Daily Mail over the story and won. The settlement, however, suggested that it was libelous to say that psychics were charlatans. We certainly DO know that many psychics are deliberate frauds, but it is considered libelous to accuse a particular person of fraud. In this respect, Sally rightly won the case. In order to make such an accusation, you had better have all your ducks in a row. In this case, they were not.

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