Divaldo Franco is probably the most famous psychic medium in Brazil – a country steeped in Spiritism and respect for communication with the other side, and yet he remains one of the least known spiritual teachers in parts of the West.

(much like Chico Xavier, another amazing medium and humanatarian who did incredibly inspiring work throughout his life…and yet, unfortunately was largely unknown in the US and Western world where his incredible accuracy, insight and empathy SHOULD have demonstrated the very best qualities of mediumship in the world.

Here is really nice article on Divaldo Franco in the Guardian, a UK publication not known for praising too many psychics..:-)

Check out the full story at the link following the short excerpt below – if you are unfamiliar with some of the great Brazilian mediums and spiritists – they are all well worth reading up on for sure!

Hundreds of mothers drop their kids off every day at the free crèche. More than 30,000 children are estimated to have passed through the Mansão over the past 60 years. A large part is financed by the sale of Franco’s books. He claims to channel spirits and transcribe their words in a method known as “psychography”.

It all came about because of a vision he had in 1948, aged 21. “I saw a huge number of children and an old man,” he recalls. “I went up to the elderly man. He turned around and I realised it was me in old age. And a voice said to me: ‘This is what you will do with your life.'”

He was later introduced to the doctrine of spiritism, coined by the French writer Allan Kardec in 1857, which believes in the existence of, and communication with, spirits through mediums. “Spiritism is growing in Brazil because it attends to the cultural, emotional and spiritual needs of society,” he says.

Over the years, Franco has adopted more than 600 abandoned children, many of whom now have their own children and grandchildren, and Franco sees hope in that youngest generation.


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