Here is yet another amazing, incredible and inspiring near death experience that challenges even the most cynical of skeptics.

Brian Miller was not only declared dead in the hospital after suffering a heart attack, he was also “dead” for 45 minutes. (an unsually long time, EVEN by near death experience standards)

It appears that Brian was NOT revived……but rather, his heart started beating again on it’s own, to the surprise of the staff at the hospital who had been working on him, and already pronounced him deceased.

What is REALLY amazing about this experience is not only the length of time he was gone…..but also, the incredible vividness of the experience that was reported and the very common elements that many of us who study NDE’s closely can predict, without even needing to read the story. (seeing loved ones who are deceased, the bright and beautiful light and most notable to me, being told it’s not your time by one of the greeters…and being returned to the body moments after getting that news)

Check out the full story at the link below….along with a video, and check out some of the standard skeptical responses in the news story as well!

Brian Miller was declared dead after suffering a massive heart attack at a Ohio hospital.

Then to the surprise of nurses and doctors, after 45 minutes, his heart randomly started beating again.

Miller, 41, told WJW-TV that while he was out, he saw a light and relatives who had passed away.

Miller said he remembers walking along a “heavenly” path lined with flowers.  He was then stopped by his mother-in-law, who had just passed away.

“She grabbed a hold of my arm and she told me that, ‘It’s not your time.’”

Miller said he met another relative before waking up.

Despite that for 45 minutes his brain did not receive any oxygen, doctors said Miller did not suffer any brain damage.

“There is an afterlife and people need to believe in it,” he said.

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