What is the best way to get in touch with the Long Island Medium?

Honestly, it’s to contact her directly via email or phone or via any of her very active social media channels….and NOT posting comments on public blogs or directories or sites that discuss psychic phenomena and well known mediums, but aren’t affiliated with Theresa herself.

For example?

Our site! It amazes me how many people leave us long detailed messages in the community comments section for Theresa…and then get upset with US that she doesn’t respond. (even though we continously add comments pointing readers to her other sites and social media, where she is far more likely to check every day, or employ professional people who do that for her as a job 🙂

Of course, it’s NOT that we’re not sensitive to the fact that people feel a sense of urgency and despair and want to reach out and talk to a well known medium when they are facing loss, or fearing that someone they love is gone forever……

It’s actually FOR that reason that we recommend you do a little bit of due dillegence and a little bit of real research, before leaving your contact information on random blogs or websites and “hope” that your favorite psychic or medium or spiritual teacher is going to read them and respond.

(unless it’s their OWN site….the chances of getting a response are ridiculously small)

For the RIGHT way to contact Theresa Caputo?

Check out the article and other resources that follows, with her contact information and other relevant details, at the link below.

Enjoy – and good luck!

The tragedies of 9/11 left Theresa with a clarity about her gift and she had a feeling of purpose for the first time about her role in the physical world using these special senses.

Theresa doesn’t need to advertise, her career in talking to dead people spread by word of mouth and it quickly made her a much sought after medium. Due to the popularity of the show, Theresa is now booked two years in advance for readings.

After watching her in action, you’ll agree that Theresa looks like the real deal as she pulls things out of nowhere that pertains to the person who she is doing the reading with.

To contact Theresa Caputo for a reading you can call her personally at 516-520-6420 or email her atLongislandmedium@gmail.com


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