Are Spirit Guides Real? 2 Messages From Spirit That Can Permanently Change Your Life

The idea of spirit guides, or guardian angels having an influence on our daily lives is obviously not a new one.

Famous people, luminaries, scientists and spiritual explorers from all countries, cultures and even centuries of human history have told us amazing stories about creative contributions they’ve gotten from their guides.

I recently watched an incredible presentation on TED, for example….where the speaker, author Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love fame, spoke about the idea of creativity NOT being something that comes from the artist….but from the artists guide, or angel.  She pointed out, very powerfully…that the original word GENIUS comes from the idea that each of us has a personal protector or spirit guide who GIVES us our inspired ideas and nudges us in the direction of our destiny….and NOT that it lives inside of US.  (as we mostly think about it today)

As someone who started out as a skeptic but had an incredibly spiritually transformative experience myself that transformed my world view in an instant, I’ve come to learn that the spirit world is REAL, and in some ways….THIS life is really the fantasy or the illusion, not the other way around.

I’m often asked what the biggest lessons I’ve learned from my experiences with psychics and mediums and the whole range of experiences that one encounters when we open up a wide window in the magic and mystery of the unknown.

My answer is pretty simple.  The 2 most perpetually profound messages I’ve gotten from my own “guides” and personal “protectors” over the decade plus I’ve swam in the spiritual side of the street are these:

1 – You can’t die.  Your body is finite, but your spirit is eternal…..or at least, eternal in the sense of time that we can understand.  There is no question that your consciousness continues after the death of your body, and I’ve had the privilege of experiencing that directly, in personal and profound ways that have forever altered the way I look at life, death and what happens during the short time we’re here.

2 – It sounds trite, but you DO have a purpose.  Each of us does.  Sometimes that purpose or destiny feels elusive, or hard to pin down, or even difficult to see.  But there IS a reason you are here.  Every type of spiritual experience under the sun (no pun intended 🙂 teaches us this truth…..from NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES, where people are told they have to return as it’s not their time, to spiritual awakenings and epiphanies where truths are revealed about your authentic self and purpose that they change your path forever.

Some people believe that we choose our purpose before we are born, or we choose certain challenges or crisis, or even karmic connections to grow and go forward together as a group.  I believe that as well….but that’s not even necessary to know.  The fact that you have a PURPOSE, and that your primary challenge in life is to find that, and to DO what you love in a way that serves that ideal, is the real reason you’re here.

Spirit messages teach us that when we’re open to the magic, and the mystery and the true meaning that the universe wants to reveal to those of us who are willing to pay attention.  That’s the big lesson I’VE learned…and the one thing I try to  teach my own clients, above and beyond everything else, as well!


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