Here is a pretty interesting dramatic accounting of what a near death experience feels like……according to SOME experiencers.

While this is sort of informative and educational in a cool and narrative way, what I DON’T like about this video is the “certainty” that the narrator uses to describe certain FEATURES of the near death experience, as universally true.

For example – he speaks of the “cord” that connects the living body from the ethereal body….which is something that is often associated with out of body experiences, YET…..something that is definitely not 100% true for all.  (I’ve rarely spoken to someone who has reported the famous “silver cord” that connects the spiritual body to the real one)

(it felt a bit creepy in parts as well – although maybe that’s just me!)

What do YOU think – does this seem to represent the near death experience that you’ve read about, or had yourself?  Share your thoughts and comments….especially if you are a NDE survivor.

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