Q:  Can a psychic help me communicate with a deceased relative?  How about a parent, or a spouse….or even a child?  How long should I wait to speak to a medium if I’ve lost someone I really love……and feel the burden of being apart is too hard to bear?

A:  The truth is, the most common reason that people will turn to a spiritual psychic or intuitive in times of grief is to make contact, or communicate with a loved one on the other side.  More often than not, this person has RECENTLY crossed over, and people are under the belief that sooner is better than later, when it comes to the ease of making contact with your loved one who has crossed.

And while not everyone agrees with the ideas below, here are some of my general guidelines when it comes to channeling loved ones after a recent passing.

DON’T seek out a medium when the pain of a recent crossing feels too fresh.  Many honest, reputable and genuine evidential mediums will tell you to wait at least 3 months, sometimes 6…..before reaching out to someone who can’t facilitate contact, or communication with the other side.


For a few reasons.

1 – It’s actually much more difficult, in most scenarios, for a medium to make contact when the passing is really recent, simply because the energy, and the emotion, can be too overwhelming.  The pressure….on ALL human beings involved, is also very powerful, meaning that many mediums, even if they aren’t getting anything, will “stretch” a bit, simply because they sense the desperation and the pain in their clients voice and demeanor.

2 – Many spirits actually find the very first stages and phases of the crossing process to be difficult to acclimate to, depending a bit on what they believed in life.

As a general rule, people who tend to be a bit more open to spiritual matters and the idea of an afterlife are a bit less confused or mal adjusted after the physical body dies….whereas those who expect it, as you might imagine, don’t find their new surroundings all that surprising.

But MOST important?

You should take time to grieve using conventional methods  – your surviving friends, family, faith, work, hobbies, etc.  Don’t get absorbed in the idea that you’ve got to IMMEDIATELY, and instantly, seek out spiritual truths, when they might not be ripe for receiving.

Many mediums also get a bad rap by many skeptics and cynics for catering to the recently aggrieved…..and sometimes rightly so.

For that reason, I also think it’s professionally proper to WAIT, and then offer the sort of hope, and help that only a genuine medium CAN, when the time is really right for all.

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