QAWhat are the best ways to develop my psychic ability? Can my diet influence my intution? Will exercise, or fasting or yoga help me have a spiritual or paranormal experience? And how much does what I believe influence my ability to feel more in tune and harmomious with my natural psychic skills?

Any of these questions sound familiar?  The truth is, one of the most common questions we get are from ordinary people who are seeking out extraordinary spiritual experiences through dedicated practices like yoga, mediation, and even lifestyle changes like diet, juicing, and even some types of “herbs” and other natural sounding recreational drugs 🙂

I’d be lying to you if we didn’t acknowledge that some of those things HAVE been associated with enhanced intuition and psychic skill, but in reality, there are all kinds of very simple things anyone can do to experiment with their attention, and INTENTION, which does lead to quantum leaps in intuition, when done dillegently.

Check out a list of ways to enhance your psychic ability at the link following the short excerpt….or share your favorite spiritual practices with us on Twitter, or in the community comments below!


2. Take Psychic Classes — Psychic abilities are not just for the gifted ones. Psychic classes developed by Certified Professional Psychics offer classes where you can train at home at your own pace. There are a lot of psychic classes that are offered on-line. They cover a myriad of subjects and with a little research you will be able to find one that suits you.

3. Take Care Of Your Body — Your diet, exercise, and overall physical condition affect your psychic ability. Keeping in a good state of health will help to improve your psychic ability. That includes no smoking and no consumption of alcohol. Implementing some type of exercise program would go a long way in helping to improve your psychic ability.

4. Belief — Psychic ability increases when you take chances with your perceptions. Believing in them such that you boldly state them. You can do this by using affirmations on a daily basis until you feel that you have accepted the fact subconsciously that you indeed have psychic abilities and are capable of implementing them successfully.

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