spirit speaks adQ:  Who are the best psychics in NJ?  Are there any famous mediums from New Jersey?  And isn’t NJ so close to New York that most people who want a really GOOD psychic travel a few more miles to get a reading?

A:  The truth is, we get a lot of questions about picking a psychic in the North Eastern section of the country, simply because half of our writing staff is located here, AND a good portion of our readership arrives while seeking out spiritual advice from some of the better known psychics and mediums who are well known for their association with this area. 

(e.g. – Theresa Caputo: the Long Island Medium, John Edward of Crossing Over fame, George Anderson the brilliant author and reclusive medium from NY and Kim Russo……yet another well known medium from Long Island and most recently, TV star as well)

NJ DOES have TV star Psychic Tia if we’re tabulating celebrity mediums 🙂  (which we’re certainly not!)

In truth, and in my biased opinion from having grown up here and living in NJ off and on for a good portion of my adult life, the general corridor between New England and New Jersey has some of the very best and most talented AND most down to earth spiritual professionals working in the world today.

Check out some of our most recent NJ psychics HERE as added to our directory, or, if you want to find a psychic, medium or clairvoyant in NJ and don’t see anyone on our list that meets your needs, join any one of the amazing psychic or spiritual MEETUPS here in our community – they are 100% free – and can give you immediate access to some really extraordinary communities of people on the same PATH as you.

(and often open up introductions to working psychics and mediums you’d never meet on your own, as well!)

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