Who else thinks that you’ve got to be born special to be a psychic?  Do you look at intuition as a gift from God, or the Universe?  Or maybe you think that ALL psychic abilities are new age nonsense and spiritual silliness that only the gullible believe?

The truth is, regardless of what you believe about intuition, precognition and the extraordinary experience3s that ordinary people have in the “ethereal realms” every day,  if you open your mind and embrace experience, all the proof in the world becomes personal, rather than based on faith.

First, let’s understand THIS to be true, because it is:

The best way to develop your psychic ability is to actually expand your understanding of what psychic really means.

Simply stated, without wasting a lot of time on esoteric definitions, a psychic, or psychic ability, is being able to access information that is not ordinarily available, in a state of ordinary awareness.

In my experience, shifting your ordinary awareness becomes the key to becoming aware of an amazing array of events, information and intuition that is happening all around us, all of the time, and opening up a wonderful window into the wild and wacky world that most never notice.

For example –

As you sit in your seat, at this very moment, there are all sorts of things happening in just your extended environment that you have access to, if you allow yourself to “float” in that direction.

Sounds, noises, activity and even general disturbances in the environment are all easily detected by the minds inherent ability to “extend” itself though space, and time.

Here is a very simple meditation that can open up an amazing array of intuitive information that is stored in the “atmosphere”, for lack of a better word.

  1. Close your eyes and notice what you notice.
  2. Don’t move towards anything…..or away from anything.   Just let what arises in your mental field do so, without interference.
  3. As you begin to practice this very simple form of mindfulness mediation, often referred to as Vipassana in Eastern traditions, you will get glimmers and glimpses of events happening at a distance from your physical body, that you will later be able to validate as true.
  4. In Buddhist and Hindu lure these are called Sidhhis, or the psychic powers that are cultivated through concentration.
  5. With daily practice, you will be amazed at your natural ability to pick up information that you know, would be 100% impossible to access on your own.

Conversations in other rooms is a very common type of experience many beginners find happens, almost right away.  (often within a few weeks)

Lucid and precognitive dreams, and even having direct experiences with spirit are very common as well.

The best part?

While skeptics and cynics and the debunkers will TELL you that all of this is impossible, and the true believers will tell you it happens to THEM all of the time, the good news is, you don’t need to believe either group.

Seek out your own experience, and the personal proof will reveal itself directly to you!

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