Theresa Caputo New Book

Has anyone read Theresa Caputo’s new book – “There is More to Life Than This?”

If so….how does it compare to other spiritual books you’ve read this year?

While any book written by the Long Island Medium is guaranteed to be a bestseller…..some of my own favorite books about psychics, and spirit and the wild and wonderful world we live in are far less mainstream.

For example – Dean Radin’s recent book on Yoga and Spiritual Experiences (Called Supernormal) is really, really good for people who want to learn how ordinary people can have extraordinary experiences with spirit.

So too is our own Michael Martin’s new book on Amazon – “When Spirit Speaks” (a little plug for one of our main contributors!)

Other great books you’ll probably love are the recent books by Anita Moorjani on her Near Death Experience, and some of the other books published by Julie Beischel, a scientist at the Windbridge Institute in Arizona who STUDIES mediums in a lab setting. (very cool stuff…and she’s worked with some of the most famous celebrity mediums in the world over the years they have done that work)

What have YOUR favorite spiritual books been this year?

For more on Theresa Caputo’s new book….and an interview she did about why she thinks it’s her most important one to date, check out the short article and link below!

What is the biggest thing you want people to learn from the book?

The title says it all — “There’s More to Life Than This.” They don’t have to believe in what I do, but I want them to know there really is more to life than in the physical world, and that people are still with us in a different way. That our soul still lives on.

Did you expect the show to become this popular?

Noo! I thought I was going to film a couple of episodes, and then I’d go on with my life. You know the show “Little Shop of Horrors,” where the plant is out of control. That’s “Long Island Medium.” Young kids have said to me, that’s our family time. That’s the only show we can watch together.

How do you pick up messages from the other side?

It’s just a feeling, a vibe. If I know that I’m going to read someone, I prepare. I do a meditation, I always protect myself from God’s white light, I say the rosary. … Listen, I know my gift comes from God. I’ve never seen him, but I’ve felt his presence. …Then, I start seeing flashes of things, almost like a movie strip. I have certain signs and symbols that I translate for the person I am with, and that’s life-changing for them.

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