What are the benefits of seeing a medium?  Are mediums or spiritual advisors only good for making contact with the dead……or, are there other benefits or reasons to speak to a psychic that are helpful, healing and even healthy….especially if you are dealing with loss?

The truth is, seeing a psychic medium can be a completely transformative experience, even if you are skeptical, cynical or unsure what you believe.   And while many hard core cynics and skeptics may try to disagree……the benefits that emanate from a spiritual reading, especially with a medium who offers evidential information that gives you HOPE,  can be tremendous in terms of mental health, and overall happiness as well.

For example –

In many studies and surveys done with people who have seen a medium and believed that their loved one has come through….the feelings of “closure”  (a word I hate, but we’ll use it here anyway as it communicates the idea) after losing a loved one, are FAR higher than through almost any other type of treatment tested. 

Good mediumistic readings, where the client believes wholeheartedly that their loved one has been present,  are FAR superior for recovering after loss than most conventional treatments – including many things the “skeptics” don’t seem to have trouble recommeding – like anti-depressents, other drugs and talk therapy.  (which is fine – but usually does NOT work to alleviate grief after the death of a loved one)

The bottom line?

Even if you are skeptical – or unsure what you believe is possible –a reading with a medium can be extremely theraputic, very affordable and if you are like I once was, a completely spiritually transformative experience to boot!

Check out some additional articles from around the web on how speaking to a good medium can help, or if you disagree….share your thoughts and opinions with us on Facebook……in the community comments section below!

A medium is someone who acts as an intermediary between a person and a consciousness (a spirit). The medium is someone who can psychically sense detailed information from their Spirit Guides and other consciousnesses. The medium is looked after and guided by their Spirit Guides, who will decide which spirits can relay messages to the medium. Remember that spirits can be on all levels of learning and the soul or spirit of someone who is recently deceased may be going through a period of learning and healing and they may still have emotions and pain attached to them. Compare this to our Spirit Guides who have great love and wisdom and have have very little persona or ego and emotions. The soul of a recently deceased person may be going through a period of reflection and may be learning from their last lifetime. For this reason it is unwise to ask a medium to directly contact a recently deceased soul and it would be an unwise medium who would do this. A medium can hear Spirit Guides, souls and spirits at different levels of consciousness and can bring messages through from them to people. The messages that a soul or spirit can communicate are normally regulated by the medium’s Spirit Guides so that only messages of help, support and wise guidance can be transmitted.

Psychics and mediums: what they do and how they work – an article by Mark Stallabrass

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