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Now Reading: Private Readings with Char Margolis – How Much Are They?


Private Readings with Char Margolis – How Much Are They?

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Q:  How much does Char Margolis charge for readings?  Is she worth it?  How does she compare to other well known psychics, mediums and intuitive’s we regularly cover on our own “in house” psychic directory?

A:  According to her web page, Char Margolis charges anywhere from $600 to $800 for a reading…..depending on whether you order a 30 minute (the less expensive option, obviously 🙂 or a longer 60 minute session.

Char Margolis also does a few events throughout the year….typically smaller group sessions, and also will infrequently do private readings in one of several locations on both US coasts, and the Netherlands.

Is she worth it?

I have no idea…..Char is actually not a medium we have much experience with, nor have any of our readers indicated that they’ve had a reading with her to offer insight or detail about what their impressions were.

Have you had a psychic reading with Char Margolis?  If so…..we’d love to hear a review!  Tell us about it…..up or down or anywhere in between – you can share in the community comments section below, or drop us a note using the contact form above.

On another note……….

What other psychics do YOU want to see us write about or review? 

Over the last few weeks we’ve gotten more than 50 unique requests for information on all types of readings and specific readers for very specific circumstances as well (everything from past life readings to psychometry for a cold case crime to someone who inquired about an alien abduction psychic specialist….something I can honestly say we’ve never been asked about before..;-)

The reason I tell you this?

Because if you ARE a professional intuitive or know a good one you can recommend to our readers, we’re ALWAYS on the lookout for good local readers through the Country (and the world) who need a little bit more exposure than they’ve earned thus far.  If you are one – or know someone who fits the bills – tell us about yourself – or who you use and  recommend, and we’ll add you to our psychic and spiritual directory, 100% for free!  (it’s not about creating community and karma and connections for us… let us hear about those little known psychics, mediums, spiritual coaches and “light workers” who need to build a little buzz for their business, and we’re happy to write about them here, and match them up with our own readers who need a hand!)

For more on Char Margolis readings….check out her booking and appointment page at the link below.

In Person ReadingsA very limited number of Private In-Person readings are available for those who wish to have a face-to-face interaction with Char. These private readings are very limited and must be booked well in advance. All In-Person private readings take place in one of the following locations: Long Island, NY – Los Angeles, CA – West Bloomfield, MI and Amsterdam, Netherlands. If you would like to know if Char will be in your area doing private readings, please sign up for Char’s free e-mail newsletter and check off the private reading box. In person readings are $800 for an hour.Intimate Group ReadingsChar does small intimate group reading sessions all over the world. These small groups are limited to 15 people or less. To see a schedule of where Char will be hosting these Intimate Group Readings, please check the Live Events Page. Each ticket is $500.

Private Readings |

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  • Pietra

    April 27, 2021 / at 11:01 pmsvgReply

    I have had readings with Char. Amazing isn’t the word. Phenomenal is more like it. at one point I asked her about my cat, who had a chronic disease. I mention this because of my cat’ s name. And I had more than one cat. She said is that M-u-g-i-n-z? Well my cat’s name was MUGGINS. This was before social media. She was right on in everything she said including my job and a court case.

  • Moira

    October 25, 2020 / at 1:09 pmsvgReply

    I have a friend that regularly gets readings from Char. His questions were worth every dime, as he was fighting over property worth a lot of money from people who were trying to steal it from him. She saved him millions by letting him know how to proceed, successfully directing him in ways his own attorneys were not aware of. My own experience came unexpectedly, as my sister was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer with over 40 tumors on her liver. I ceased to function, as I worried about her. I received a reading with Char. Char identified my sister by name (NOT a common name) and proceeded to tell me that she would be receiving a treatment that would allow her to live for many years. A few weeks after that reading, my sister was accepted into a clinical study and received her treatment. This was nearly 4 years ago. That reading helped my entire family live without the impending fear of my sister’s death for years and I will be forever grateful. It was worth every cent!

  • Katherine thompson

    June 21, 2020 / at 11:28 pmsvgReply

    For those of you on here that are denigrating chars work and touting yourselves So be it. She is that good and that’s why she commands respect and the prices that people are willing to pay to see her.
    I’ve had numerous in person meetings with her in Los Angeles. She was dead on the money on things in the past and in the future. She told me that my car would be broken into the following week. I literally laughed at her and said not possible. It was broken into. She also brought forward a relative I had a very contentious relationship with. She exactly spelled out the complex conflict and told me my relative wanted a resolution with me.

  • Leslie Toth

    January 14, 2020 / at 8:44 pmsvgReply

    I am looking for a phone reading. Please send me information, waiting time, cost,etc..

  • CP

    January 4, 2020 / at 1:24 pmsvgReply

    I had a private reading with Char in the 70’s then again by phone sometime in the 90’s the difference in her fees were astronomical BUT each time she hit the nail on the head! Amazing is what she is! I paid $50 or $60 in the 70’s by the 90’s her price was $400.00. The only reason I haven’t gone back is because she told me I had the same ability but just needed to further strengthen my abilities. Is $600-$800 worth it? Well it depends on what the person is seeking. I have been to tarot readers, as well as other types and CHAR is the only one I’ve met that can provide names…..$#%^….go figure. There is no way she should have known the name of my aunt that passed away when I was eight years old not my granny’s name; both being hard uncommon names at that! Oh and I also went to see her on a local talk show in the 70’s! So far everything she told me has come to pass. I would love to hear what she has to say now that I have finally reached retirement. I can’t afford $800 though, kinda steep for my fixed income lol! And yes CHAR my son (1984) is good with his hands. Always was as a child and is currently chopping & dicing as a sous chef! I did go back to school as she suggested but didn’t complete. I would love a pro bono for old times sake you know since I knew her b4 she became so famous! SHE IS THE REAL DEAL!!!

  • Bea

    August 18, 2019 / at 2:48 pmsvgReply

    I am so sorry but $800 for a reading is simply a giant rip off. You know the names of your deceased relatives and there is absolutely no psychic worth that amount of money. I charge $100 an hour including your Vedic Birth Chart. I focus on your life in the here and now and if someone in the hereafter wants to come through, they are more than welcome. I would never charge people just to talk to their loved ones in spirit. You can that it on your own. The spirit world will use the physical universe to answer you. You just have to have a very open heart and communicate with them in meditation telepathically

    I do Free 3 minute readings on my Goddess Central Page on Facebook and in three minutes I can tell you more than any of these over priced psychics ever will and I do it all over the phone. I don’t allow questions as I just see what I get and what I get is always what exactly what the person needed to hear or wanted to ask about anyway. That is the proof that is in the pudding. I have done over 12,000 free readings in 6 years and never has anyone not felt that I was totally dialed in. I have hundreds and hundreds of reviews to attest to that.

    Don’t mean to brag but I actually read for Char at a fancy Christmas party and she told the event planner that hired me . . . that I was the real deal. She was very sweet and personable but she is overcharging people for sure. I wouldn’t have the heart to charge that much to be honest unless the person was a millionaire lol

    • Jan

      December 21, 2019 / at 4:39 pmsvgReply

      @Bea-But you are bragging and giving away freebies isn’t exactly respectful to the other people who do charge and do this for a living-or their clients. I believe this is called undercutting the competition and is every bit as bad as charging “$800.00”. If I were a client, if someone offered to do readings for free, I would tend to doubt their abilities as a professional, but then again there are a lot of “reading addicts” out there who will probably take anything. People should be paid for their services. After all, one would not expect their mechanic to fix their car for free… It seems like this psychic stuff is being turned into a free-for-all -no pun intended!

      • goodkarma

        December 21, 2019 / at 8:06 pmsvgReply

        We appreciate your comment, Jan – and have no interest in litigating price differences between “psychics” – but if you think there is an ethical analog between folks who offer “free” spiritual guideance to folks in need – people who may not be able to afford the help, healing and ultimately hope that a truly gifted spiritual conduit or medium can offer – and those who charge prohibitive prices for vague, opaque information from “spirit” – if you truly believe that those people who do this work out of the kindness of their hearts – and in a spirit of generosity – are “undercutting” the competition – and believe there IS a competition at all with regard to what folks should be paying for readings – I’d say, you have a lot to learn about the spirit of generosity – the spirit of compassion – and i’d be very reluctant (as someone who owns this community and many others like it) – to recommend you – or your ethos or abilities – to anyone at all. People SHOULD be paid for their services – we agree – but to tell a Priest – or a Rabbi – or a Hospice Volunteer – or ANYONE who is committed to improving the lives of others – that they are “undercutting” the competition when they do good work in the world for free – or for a lower cost – is so stunningly silly and denuded of any depth of perspective – that i’m flabbergasted you could say it out loud. Otherwise – keep up the good work – and we appreciate you stopping by.

  • JR

    July 21, 2019 / at 8:05 amsvgReply

    I had a reading with Char over the phone in the early 90s. Thinking about a follow-up. She knew a lot, made quite a few predictions that came to pass.

    The first thing out of her mouth after a brief description of what would happen and a blessing?

    My dead grandfather’s name.

    But, it was throwing her a bit. Though initials are often what she sees or reports, she kept seeing “Marissa?… Melissa?… but it is definitely a strong masculine energy… I’m confused…”.

    My grandfather’s name was Maris. That proved it for me.

    The somewhat unsatisfied patron above maybe wasn’t receptive to the experience or expected different kinds of messages. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but she knew much about the path my life was to take, long before I did. It cost $400 when I consulted her about 25 years ago– I think it was 1992… just my experience to share.

  • Kathleen Kilbourne

    April 13, 2019 / at 12:40 amsvgReply

    Hi Janet,
    I’m Kathleen Kilbourne and I am a clairvoyant medium who also does energy work.
    My first thought on your post is that $600.00 for a reading is an outrageous rate! I’m sorry that you had a not so stellar experience with this person. I wish I would have seen this website earlier!
    One of the things that I highly discourage in my practice is general readings, because the client almost always has specific questions and if all I can come up with is “your car is red” — Huh?!
    Most clients are paying good money to get to the bottom of something and get answers for their questions- not have someone waste their time with either vague information or information that is not pertinent to the current situation, even if it may mean something further in the future. This leaves the client with a lot of confusion and lack of clarity.
    Conversely, no psychic is 100% accurate 100% of the time- I have this in my disclaimer, and believe me, things can change in situations due to free agency of the parties involved. Especially when working on an energy level.
    It is better not to “test” the psychic but be straightforward in what you want to know! I have had people come back to me months later, after severe doubt, and say, “You know, I didn’t see it at first, but you were right.”

    If you are interested in who I am and what I do, please visit my personal website at

    • DLJoY

      January 15, 2021 / at 10:57 amsvgReply

      You were not born with this gift lmao.I AM your brother so do not lie to people here.LOL.DonnaLJoy

  • Janet

    November 21, 2018 / at 5:02 amsvgReply

    I had an hour-long phone reading with Char a few years ago. She was definitely not worth the $600 I paid for the reading – you expect something extraordinary for that kind of money. She accurately named deceased relatives, but gave no messages from them. She also was in the ballpark, but was not accurate, in trying to describe the reason I had called. After I finally told her so we could stop wasting time since she kept asking me questions that weren’t getting it right, she then only gave very general and not very helpful advice for my situation based on what I had revealed vs getting information from my Guides that was tailored toward additional specific events I had purposely not revealed so that I knew I was getting something real from her. I was DEEPLY disappointed and would suggest you not waste your money.

    • CP

      January 4, 2020 / at 1:49 pmsvgReply

      Good day. It has been my experience that if your mind is not open and receptive it is harder for the reader to provide deeper insight. I went in with CHAR very skeptical at a mere 18 yrs. of age but she made a believer out of me. I had a friend tell me the reader couldn’t see anything for them and therefore did not take their money. What does that mean?? I say they were not open minded to the spiritual awareness that God gives us all. I learned that the closer I got to my God the more intuitive I became. That is all CHAR is seeking to do for us. You won’t need to pay $600 or $800 once you know God and open yourself up to the spiritual guidance he offers. Peace & Blessings to you.

  • Tanya

    September 8, 2018 / at 12:59 amsvgReply

    I have had 2 seperate readings with Char Margolis over the years.
    She is called the alphabet soup psychic because she spells out names of all of the people trying to come through.
    My experience was unreal. She’s pretty amazing and very accurate.
    Tanya Reid

  • Michelle

    November 14, 2013 / at 6:54 pmsvgReply

    I would like to see more on Joseph Tittle.

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