Phone Psychics (Are they Worth it?)

Q:  Can you get a real psychic reading by phone?  How do telephone psychic services compare to more “mainstream” mediums, or spiritual professionals you’d find in the real world?  And what about using the telephone do get psychic information overall?  Does distance diminish the connection between two people, or is it just as easy to pick up information from a distance….as it is by phone?

A:  Phone psychic readings, especially done by popular psychic networks or services, are more commonly used for entertainment purposes…..or light and fun informational readings, rather than hard core spiritual crisis or problems.  The advantages to using a phone psychic service instead of seeing someone in your local community, or making an appintment to see a well known or “celebrity” psychic or medium? 

1 – They tend to be MUCH less expensive.  (often costing 50% less than you’d pay to see the same quality reader in a local face to face setting) 

2 – They also tend to be HEAVILY guaranteed…..e.g. – if you aren’t happy with your reading, they’ll give you your money back, a replacement reading or both.   (obviously you want to check with the respective service you choose to ensure you know their policy in this regard)

Of course there is also the convienience and comfort factor as well…….as you can get fun, lighthearted and often very accurate insights into particular problems, on the spot….rather than having to wait days, weeks or even months to see a more well known and “in demand” famous reader.  (many of the psychics and mediums we cover here have LONG waits – and some don’t even take private appointments anymore as well)

So while there IS a difference between phone readings done by psychic service or network and going to see someone in person, and there are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches, for many of our readers, especially those of you on a budget, getting a phone reading with a service like Psychic Source, or Live Person, or that sort of experience, can be really enjoyable, fun and illuminating…..and without the stress or cost or long waiting period you may find of face picking a more difficult or demanding reader.  (and you get the benefit of a money back guarantee as well…which DOES help give you some confidence that you are going to “WIN” either way as well..:-)

For a review of Psychic Source – check out the following article below – or check out their available readers right here!

NOTE: If you want to “test” Psychic Source at a lower rate than advertised in the video…….go here for a discounted reading)What is Psychic Source?Psychic Source is one of the largest, most respected and continuously operating phone psychic services in the world.They have been providing psychic readings by phone since 1989, well before the “internet psychic craze” began….and their credibility is reflected in a consistent history of happy callers, clients and customers.Who are They For?Anyone who is interested in getting a psychic reading. Anyone who is curious…..but not convinced that psychics are real, and wants to test, explore and experience a real reading for themselves. People who feel stuck, or unsure about what to do next in life, or are sick and tired of the same old advice and want to try something new. People who are spiritually curious and adventurous and have always wanted to try a reading. Psychic “junkies” on a BUDGET! Psychic Source has readings that fit just about every bank account and bank budget…and cost concious callers and clients remain one of their biggest audiences.

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