Can anyone learn to be a medium?  Do you need to be born with special gifts to communicate with the dead, or is is it something that ALL of us can do, regardless of our natural talents?

The truth is, I get more questions about learning to communicate with spirit than just about any other……and it’s no surprise as well!


Because we’re ALL going to die.  And we’re ALL going to lose friends and family we love.  This is part and parcel of the human condition….and regardless of what you believe, or don’t, no one escapes this often heart wrenching universal truth.

The REAL truth from my experience?

I don’t believe in “death” the way that others do.  I’ve experienced far too many amazing things and witnessed too many incredible and inspirational after life communications to fear dying myself.  But that doesn’t mean that the hurt and the pain and the emotional longing for someone who is suddenly no longer in your daily life is easy….and anyone who tells you differently is not facing facts.

The GOOD news?

You do NOT need to be a medium to communicate with your loved ones who have crossed.  You don’t even necessarily need to BELIEVE it’s possible…..although I’m not going to lie, it DOES help to believe.  (for whatever reason, be it on our side or theirs, there is something magical and transformative about an open mind and heart, and it certainly helps facilitate communication with the deceased)

Did you know…….

That while most people associate mediumship with spirit communication, the VAST majority of people who have an ADC (after death communication) do NOT consider themselves psychic or special or even all that spiritual quite often as well.  These experiences happen mostly spontaneously, without a lot fan fare or publicity, and up to 50% of ALL people claim to have had some sort of evidential experience with a friend or family member who has crossed over.

Even more good news?

The stronger the love, the more emotional the connection, the more likely it is that you are going to have a spiritual experience of this sort.   Consider that 80% of parents who lose a child before that child reaches adulthood….will have a spiritual visitation experience with that child.  (often visual)  So too do married couples who have been together for many years…..with some spiritual surveys reporting that more than 50% of women who have lost a husband, will have an ADC experience.  (after death communication)

The bottom line?

We’re ALL “mediums” in one sense or another.

Some people have more defined and refined spiritual gifts……but only because of “luck” or because some of us may spend more time developing this talent or ability or area of our lives.  Many mediums can give you hope and healing and a strong sense of “closure” after losing a loved one, simply because they can more quickly tune in and pick up a “psychic” sense that may take you much longer to cultivate on  your own.

But make NO mistake.

We’re all special.  And we’re ALL spiritual.

And don’t let anyone tell you differently…because if they do, they DON’T really know what they think they know!  (and that unfortunately applies to some people who work as mediums as well!)

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