A few people asked about private experiences with George Anderson – how does he compare in person as he does on TV, or in his books and other (infrequent) media appearances.

I found this article below somewhat interesting, in that at the time this person went to see him, George only charged $50 for the hour.  (now it’s up to about $1200…..although many folks who see him say it’s more than worth it for the hope and healing he provides)

The more notable part of the review below?

The specificity of the names provided – out of left field – that are very, very difficult to explain away as guessing, or good luck or fishing for answers.  (something a few of our frequent skeptical commenters like to argue – but i find it very difficult to see how that would apply to this gentleman’s story below – which I think we can all agree, sounds like it rings pretty true overall)

For more on George Anderson’s readings from around the web, check out the link following the short excerpt below

The only information George Anderson had about me was my first name and telephone number. He had a regular job at the time and was doing readings on a part time basis from his apartment. The night of the appointment I drove out to see him and he lived in a small co-op apartment complex on Long Island. I think the cost of the session was about $50 for the hour, and now he charges over $1000.

George Anderson’s method is that he gets messages from the other side using an approach he calls “automatic writing”. He scribbles in a notepad very quickly while giving information from the other side. The first thing he asked me was if someone close to me had passed over. OK, that is sort of an obvious question since that would be why about 99% of the people would come to see him. I said yes, and asked if it was a male. Again yes, but that was a 50-50 probability. The next thing he said was startling and the accuracy convinced me that he was legitimate. What he said was that when my father passed over, he was greeted by 2 people named Mary and Salvatore. Those names just happened to be the names of my father’s parents.

There was no way George Anderson would have known that and I can imagine he could have guessed thousands of name combinations and not gotten the right ones. Those were the first and only names he mentioned that greeted my father.The rest of the session provided some general information but mainly seemed to say that my father was alright and that things were going to be OK. He also mentioned another name of a relative of mine who passed over, an uncle of mine named Alphonse. Again, the odds of him guessing a name as unique as “Alphonse” are quite small.

Psychic medium George Anderson – Blog of Sam!! – Spinchat.com

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