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Psychic Profiles

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detailed profiles of some of our most famous (and favorite) psychics and mediums

2 Min Read

Who are the top psychic mediums in the world, in 2018 – right now? Which famous psychic mediums have been tested by science, and have PROVEN themselves to be worthy of their celebrity acclaim? The 10 most famous mediums on our community, in no particular order, are: Tyler Henry, John Edward, Theresa Caputo, Lisa Williams, Sally Morgan, Thomas John, Reginald Lewis, Char Margolis, James Van Praagh, and George Anderson.

1 Min Read

Q:  Who is the most famous psychic of all time?  Is there one psychic, medium, clairvoyant…

2 Min Read

A few people asked about private experiences with George Anderson – how does he compare in…

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