What are your thoughts about pet psychics?  Do you believe that animals can communicate their inner most thoughts, fears, worries and insecurities the same way that people can?  How self aware are animals anyway….especially those we keep at home and make members of our own families as well?

The truth is, for those of us who love and live with our pets as equally as important members of our families….the ideas that our pets can communicate their needs, wants and feelings is pretty darn obvious, right?  I know that my own pets have each had a unique and particular personality, and they’ve all been able to communicate that to me in a very clear (and creative..:-) way!

But there are many cynics, skeptics and non believers as well. 

Enter Melissa Bacelar, a Los Angeles actress and pet psychic who has gotten so much acclaim, ABC news did a story on her last night.  Very cool – and very interesting to watch, even if you’re skeptical that pets CAN communicate with us in the first place. 

Check out the full story on Melissa Bacelar and the video at the link below, and share with us YOUR feelings about psychic abilities and pets, or your favorite pet psychic or story on our Twitter feed.….or in the community comments below!

Bacelar is a pet psychic.Watch the full story on ABC’s “The Lookout” Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET.It’s clear Bacelar is an animal lover. She shares her home in Los Angeles with her husband, her son, seven dogs and three rabbits. But what sets Bacelar apart from the average pet enthusiast is what she describes as psychic abilities. She says animals communicate with her through telepathic messages and feelings.Though she’s always felt a connection to animals, she wasn’t always a pet psychic. Until recently, Bacelar was an actress. And for much of her acting career, she’s been a horror movie scream queen.So how did an actress turn into a pet psychic? Bacelar has always felt connected to animals and, after seeking the services of a pet psychic herself, she realized she could hone her psychic ability to communicate with one of her dogs. She then took classes to further focus her visions.

A Glimpse into the World of a Pet Psychic – ABC News

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