Pam Ragland and Psychic Detectives

Ever hear cynics and skeptics and avid debunkers claim that psychics have NEVER helped police solve a crime? 

Think again!  The truth is, while many like to disregard and throw away any contribution a clairvoyant has made to a cold case or active criminal (or any) investigation where information is urgent, there are many, many really impressive examples of how psychic ability, or the ability to pick up information that defies “logic”, has been instrumental in the solving of a case.  (and there are many cases where police have acknowledged as much)

Pam Ragland, the West Coast Psychic Intuitive who has been all over the news over the last week is just another example of one of these sorts of circumstances…’s very difficult to explain away how she led police to the body of a deceased boy (Terry Smith) without ever having any prior knowledge of that family, or the property where he was found.  ( a property, by the way….that police had ALREADY searched without any luck, and not until she showed up out of the blue, and prodded searchers to re-check an area, was the little boys body unfortunately found)

Of course the debunkers will come up with some explanation why this can happen….without acknowledging the contribution made by someone who has a gift they can’t quite understand..:-)

The good news is, for those of us who know differently – while this tragic story ended badly for the family, maybe they can find hope and healing in the belief that they’re son is spiritually safe.

For some good examples of where psychics have helped police with incredible results, check out the list of 10 police investigations where psychics have contributed to the case – including examples that date back a few hundred years that are pretty cool!

Four and a half years after Maria Scott died Detective Senior-Constable Jeffrey Little invited psychic Debbie Malone to give her impressions of Maria’s case. He was astounded at the results. Although he knew the psychic’s evidence would never hold up in court, the detail of Debbie’s knowledge of the case was amazing.Debbie was taken to the cabin where they thought Maria Scott had met her death and, despite the fact that much of the cabin had been changed, Malone identified the layout as it was when Scott died. She was able to locate where the knife was found, even though the drainpipe it was hidden in had been moved with the sink during the renovations.Malone pointed out many details of objects and events that occurred in the course of the murder, some confirming the facts known and others explaining how events took place. Most startling was her confusion as she felt the murderer walk through her while she stood in the space. She explained that only ghosts could have such an effect. This was before Detective Senior-Constable Little told Debbie that Brown had committed suicide a few weeks after relocating to Queensland.

Top 10 Mysterious Police Cases Solved By Psychics

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