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I believe that everyone has a personal spirit guide. 

A guardian angel or ancestral, energetic protector.  No matter what you call them (or it) we’ve all got guides that are here to help us, guide us and make sure we stay on a path of PURPOSE and passion and dancing in the direction of our destiny.

There are also MANY great ways for connecting with your spirit guides…..without spending money, believing anything wacky or weird, or doing anything OTEHR than opening up your mind to the magic, and they mystery of the wonderful world around you.

  1. For example, there are many types of guided mediations that are created specifically for visualizing protective energy and for giving SHAPE to the invisible force that is around you, even right now.
  2. Using spiritual tools is a GREAT way to connect directly with your spirit guides as well.  Techniques mirror gazing, for example…are well known for their ability to manifest living, breathing “apparitions” of your guides, angels and protective spirits, and have been used for many centuries for that exact purpose.

Did you know, for example – that the famous Dr. Raymond Moody, who wrote THE book on near death experiences, “Life after Life” (and actually coined the phrase) has ALSO written extensively about using a very fancy mirrored room he calls a “psychomanteum”, which is used specially for connecting with loved ones who have passed on, and the energies of those who are ALWAYS around us, just in a different dimension of energetic existence.

Many of the cases published in his lesser known books on this topic have been about the appearance of guardian angels in these special spiritual spaces…and the incredible feelings of love, LIFE, healing, hope that come from the experience of knowing that you have personal “angels” who are looking after you, and who will greet and meet you when your time is done.

In my own life, even tools like ouija have been invaluable in my own experiences with spirit.  Some people find these sorts of techniques a bit weird or spooky…..but in my own journey, they have opened me up to a wonderful world of beauty, bliss and complete confidence that life DOES continue on after our time here is complete.

The BIG lie about your guides?

That any of us really understands how it all works, ties together or the exact process of who is who, and why.  I’ve seen people write long descriptive “facts” and teach “truths” that have no bearing at all with what I’ve learned, or what others I know and love have learned and experienced as well.

Remember to ALWAYS keep an open mind about all of this stuff….but NOT so open that your brains fall out and you believe everything you read.  IF what I say doesn’t ring true – seek out your OWN experiences and get the validation you need to make this useful in your own life.

Lastly, using psychic interventions for discovering your spirit guides is probably the easiest path there is. 

A good empath, or emotional intuitive, or spiritual medium can quickly and easily tune into your energy..and find the corresponding space in spirt that is watching you, keeping you safe, and making sure that your journey and spiritual karma doesn’t stray too far from what you are supposed to accomplish while in the physical plane.

(and that’s the BIG lesson for all of us – and the one thing that most people unfortunately learn, far too late!)



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