Here is an interesting, and ultimately sad story from the news this weekend about a missing boy who unfortunately turned up dead…..and the self professed intuitive, Pam Ragland who led law enforcement and the search crew, literally right up to his body.

This is one of those sad stories that is VERY difficult for the skeptics and cynics to explain away… much so, that apparently, Ms Ragland has been looked at for potential involvement in the crime, simply because she knew EXACTLY where the boys body was buried.  (something that is very common in cases were a psychic detective helps locate a missing person, and is SO incredibly on target that law enforcement simply must rule them out – which obviously will happen here as well)

Check out the full story at the link following the short excerpt below – pretty good case for a genuine paranormal case – and to have it so prominently in the news makes it all the more conversation worthy – unfortunately, it ended badly, and that’s something no one ever likes to see 🙁

A detective involved in the search, however, said he was impressed with the discovery.”She actually went right up the driveway of the house, onto the property, and right up to the body of this boy,” Riverside County sheriff’s Detective John Powers told KFI-AM radio, which was first media outlet to get officials to confirm her account.”Not in 23 years have I ever seen anything like this,” Powers said.Powers did not return a call by The Associated Press.At first, Ragland didn’t want to get involved but said she couldn’t ignore the images that kept coming back to her.She saw a dirt road, a distinctive building that looked like a hay barn, and a single tree standing alone. She saw a dark night with city lights in the distance.She called the tip line Tuesday and a sergeant directed her to the sheriff’s command center in Menifee, more than an hour’s drive away. She piled her kids — a 10-year-old son and a 12-year-old daughter — into her car.

Woman: ‘Visions’ led her to dead California boy | General Headlines | Comcast

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