Are spirit guides real?  Do I have one?  What purpose do they serve?  How can I communicate with my spirit guides in a way that proves that they exist….and helps me feel safe, secure and protected?

The truth is, spirit guides are a pretty controversial and contentious topic…EVEN in the realm of those who work with spiritual matters.  I remember one of the very first mediums I visited many years ago, when I first began exploring my own psychic and spiritual experiences in greater depth.  He had a big sign on his office wall (he was a VERY well known, and very successful psychic in a major metropolitan area) that said – if your psychic starts talking about speaking with spirit…….head for the door in a hurry…:-)

In his world view, psychic abilities were a natural function that everyone was born with, but the idea that there were spirits, or even an afterlife……was not.  Conversely, other mediums I saw thereafter who were smart, savvy and super successful as well, said that they got all of their best guidance, even during a reading for clients, from their own spirit guides.

Very difficult terrain to navigate, especially if you don’t know WHAT to believe, and what is fact, fiction or just outright fantasy.

In my own spiritual exploration and experience, messages from spirit, or messages from beyond the physical “plane” have become something that I not only fully trust, but I see as a matter of natural law as well.  We don’t die – our bodies our merely the vehicles by which our larger, more expansive and authentic selves travel through this lifetime….and at death, we are spiritually set “free.”  In this state…..a state which I’ve explored in great depth and detail over the last decade, we DO have the ability to communicate with, watch and “protect” those that we loved and left behind in physical life.

Of course not everyone believes this….and many think it’s all just a bunch of new age nuttiness to think that your loved ones are watching you from somewhere up there….while you do your thing down here 🙂

Truthfully – that’s okay, too.  We all have our own lessons to learn, and in our own time….and the longer you live, the more likely it is that you’ll have an experiences that powerfully points in that direction as well.  (even if you’re super skeptical right now) 

For some more perspectives on spirit guides and guardian angels, check out some of the additional articles at the link below. 

We All Have Spirit GuidesWe vary in our ability to willfully engage them – I believe this is more an issue of practice and exercise of this inherent ability – and our experience of communicating with them is different, according to our personal belief systems… but I believe they are here, we all receive their guidance and protection, one way or another…Don’t worry that you’re missing their messages, or that you aren’t hearing them – you are. You just may not recognize the information; you may require that their guidance be packaged in such a way that you can process it. In order to accept spiritual, intuitive guidance, you may need it to resemble the thoughtforms you are most comfortable with.Still, the Questions Remain * Why are these angels and spiritual attendants present at all? * Why are they here? * What do they want with us? * What is it that these beings are trying to accomplish?

Why Do We Have Angels and Spirit Guides? | Shift Your Spirits

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