Who else would love to explore their own past lives, but doesn’t know where to start?

As a past life coach and karma “clearing” counselor, it amazes me how many people who truly want to explore and experiment with past life experiences think that they’ve got to shell out big bucks to have a real experience.

The truth is, while there ARE some advantages to seeking out folks who do regression, or therapeutic techniques to trigger past life memories, it certainly does NOT need to a big budget project to have an amazing experience that can begin you own spiritual journey into past or future incarnations.

One of the BEST ways to explore your past lives is to simply quiet your mind and use the wisdom within you right now.

For example?

One of my favorite techniques for beginners is a simple mediation that gently leads clients back across oceans to time……simply by walking down a metaphorical staircase that you construct in your mind, and allow each landing to represent a year, or 5 years, or some sort of significant time symbol. (depending on your age and the time you have allotted to the exercise)

Each time you go down this metaphorical staircase and find yourself at the floor beneath… you gently re-visit significant people, places and things you encounter at the door to that year. (without actually opening the door and really diving in to the experience)

As you continue to go down this staircase, and you use visualization properly, you can quite literally find yourself back at your early youth, often times awakening old memories that are spiritually (or psychologically) significant, and this alone can be an incredible healing, helpful and hopeful journey.

The real magic comes when you continue to go back….and you follow that staircase to a place that precedes your current lifetime.

If done properly, this simple visualization can be an incredible way to explore the idea of past lives in a safe, private and powerful way, without doing anything weird, or paying high fees to see a therapist who specializes in something similar.

Although you CAN have more powerful breakthroughs with a professional, and in some cases I DO recommend starting there, for 90% of the curious but not convinced….this simple exercise above is ENOUGH to inspire you to either want to learn more, or decide it’s NOT an area you want to explore 🙂

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