Are Near Death Experiences real…..or just a momentary blip in the dying brain? 

Real spiritual experiences……or new age nonsense and wishful thinking for the guru’s, and the gullible?

Near Death Experiences, or NDE’s are a critical part of the intersection between science and spirituality, and have a lot MORE to do with psychic abilities, and genuine mediumship than many people realize.

For one – there is MUCH evidence that discounts a lot of the hand waving dismissals of NDE’s as hallunications, fabrications, and imaginations by those who hope the afterlife is real.  (of course, SOME NDE’s are all of the above, but all you really need is ONE genuine afterlife experience to prove that conciousness survives the death of the body, of which there are many documented cases that seem to suggest or point to that truth)

Next, many people who have NDE’s come back wiht psychic or increased intuitive abilities.  Why?  Who knows?  But there has been much written about this phenomena, with many NDE experiencers saying they seem to live between worlds, with one foot here….and one foot there……and have plenty of strange “psychic” experiences that are fascinating to explore.

Lastly of course, the near death experience lines up very, very well with how many mediums describe the afterlife, and with many of the features of meeting deceased relatives, having telepathic or symbolic conversations without the need for words (as many mediums, including several of those we have listed here, have described their own process of communicating with spirit)

In my view, the NDE will be one of the critical strands of science…that eventually fully supports the reality and importance of spiritual dimensions to our earthly experience.

What do YOU believe?  Share with us on Twitter…..or in the community comments section below – you can read the entire article on the most recent published NDE study findings at the link following the short excerpt that follows. 🙂

Doctors claim to have found the first scientific evidence that patients have experiences of an afterlife when they are clinically dead.One in ten heart attack patients experienced emotions, visions and lucid thoughts when they had been unconscious with no pulse and no breathing activity, say the researchers.The study is believed to be the first to ensure that the patients who reported a near-death experience (NDE) were clinically dead before being resuscitated.The findings also contradict the notion that lack of oxygen is responsible for NDEs. Those who had the most compelling experiences had the best reserves of oxygen. Debate has raged for more than a centuryover whether the sense of entering another world, feelings of peace and a light at the end of a tunnel are evidence of an afterlife, or simply hallucinations.The latest study, by Southampton University researchers, suggests the mind may continue to exist after the brain has ceased to function and the body is clinically dead.The research team studied 63 survivors of a cardiac arrest who were resuscitated at Southampton General Hospital after they had been clinically dead with no pulse, no respiration and fixed dilated pupils. Independent studies have confirmed that the brain ceases to function at that time.But seven out of the 63 survivors recalled emotions and visions during their unconsciousness, says a report in the journal Resuscitation. Four patients (six per cent) met the strict criteria used to diagnose NDEs.

Near-death patients do see afterlife | Mail Online

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