Will everything be okay? Is it going to work out for the best? How will I know if I’m on the right path… before I make a big mistake I’ll regret forever?

The truth is, as an intuitive, emotional empath and “precognitive professional” (a fancy way of saying working psychic coach) the biggest question that MOST people have is – “Will I be Okay?”

secretThey may not ask it using those words. They may frame their questions in much longer, drawn out stories and structures.

But at our core, as human beings… we ALL want to know will it be okay.

Here is the advice I always give people when I sense that this is truly what they really want to know.

The answer is – YES. It will ALWAYS be okay.

But not because you will never have challenges. And not because you will never be sad, disappointed, pained or hurt by the way your life unfolds.

You will. It’s part and parcel of being alive.

The only people who don’t deal with hurts, pains and sadness are those that aren’t with us anymore.

Here is the thing –

When you see life through the right eyes… and recognize what I believe is the inherent truth in EVERYTHING, that which manifests and permeates all of life’s lessons, it all boils down to this, as the great spiritual quote suggests:

We are all timeless and eternal spiritual beings, having a very temporary human experience.

When this experience (or experiment, as some like to call it:-) ends… you return back to a place of perfection, love, light, beauty and bliss… where all is certainly MORE than okay.

So from that standpoint, you can truly live fearlessly.


Because I believe there is nothing that can hinder you from getting to where you are eventually going.

And if you carry that attitude with you, and look at everything as a learning experience, and opportunity for spiritual growth and evolution and through a true karmic lens, there is nothing that can happen to you that will not one day be crystal clear, and understood through the power of a more enlightened perspective.

As a spiritual intuitive, some say that this attitude of…..

“everything is always okay” sounds too good to be true, and more like wishful thinking than authentic wisdom.

I say – that’s okay too:-)

Everyone believes what they need to believe, and everyone has experiences in due time which help clarify and reinforce what we’re here to learn.

To you I say – live live with love and light and be empowered by your imperfections.

If there is one thing I’ve learned in 20 years of doing this work of service and spirit – they (and you) will always be okay in the end, I promise.

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