The vast majority of psychic review sites are scams.

That is unfortunate to have to report…..but yet, still 100% true. 

Here is a good example of the type of site that is 100% fake – and should be avoided at all costs.  YES, they do have a small link to a “disclosure” at the bottom of the site which acknowledges that the site owners are paid marketers and affiliates for all of the psychic services reviewed……but to me, the verbiage and the more prominent copy makes it appear as if this person (aka “Jennifer Young” which I would bet is NOT a real name – nor would I guess the picture is, either) is a real psychic afficionado who is writing these reviews because she is passionate about the field, and studied web design..:-)  (as “she” writes at the very top of her site, as excerpted below)

The truth is, when it comes to psychic reviews, (or any OTHER type of review) BUYER BEWARE.

Most reviews are written by affiliate marketers, and NOT real people who are passionate about the topic, be it psychic readings or diet products or household appliances.

Always read reviews with an assumption that the reviewer is getting paid, especially if the reviews are listed from “top to bottom” and they are rated 1, 2, 3 and so forth.  (and each review has a link to the product or program being reviewed)

I say that from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE as a publisher and a consumer as well – as we do many of our own reviews and accept payment for writing about, and recommending our favorites. 

(both here and elsewhere – the key is being transparent – and saying – hey – if you buy this reading that we recommended – just know that we are getting a commission or fee or some sort of dispensation)

Check out the site below for the TYPE of site that can be found everywhere online….and should be an immediate red flag for those of you who are planning on buying a psychic reading based on the recommendations made therein.  (or, again….any OTHER type of product or service – all of the reviews look a lot like the ones you’ll see below..:-)

Welcome to Best Online Psychics! My name is Jennifer Young. I started this psychic reviews website to help people find a positive and reliable online psychic reading. Ever since a young girl, I have always been fascinated with psyhics (also known as “clairvoyants”), psychic abilities, horoscopes, astrology and tarot cards. As an adult, I am very much a spiritual person. I get a weekly psychic reading, read my horoscopes everyday and have my palms read at least once a month! I studied web design at a university in the northeast and thought it would be fun to make website to help people connect with the right psychic and also great way to give back by helping people avoid online psychic scams. I have personally used all the services on this site and do my best to outline the strengths and weakness of each psychic network in my online psychic reviews. If you find this site useful, please share with your friends!

2013 Best Online Psychic Reviews – Get Your Psychic Reading Now!

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