Empath Personality Traits

Note – the items on this list are not all encompassing. There are plenty of other interesting, artistic and eclectic gifts, abilities, talents and uncanny insights that are pretty unique to empathsintuitive “feelers.” The most important thing to remember is – being an empath is a gift. It’s unusual (we’re less than 2% of the population) and IS in fact, the way you are wired. (you aren’t weird……or too sensitive, your body and brain are just a little bit different than those who want you to be more like them 🙂 There are lots of great resources for empaths – we also have our favorites – hint, we’re biased, because they’re ours! [LINK] – but the single most important thing to remember is – your intuition, and your ability to feel the world – is a great gift – even when it hurts. Angie [Connect with me here]

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