A Great Free Newsletter for People Interested in NDE’s, Psychic Mediums, Apparitions, And the Best Evidence for Life After Death

Hey all – For those of us interested in reading some off the beaten path smart and scientific books on NDE’s and a whole host of spiritually transformative experiences – this looks like a fantastic (and free) Substack (newsletter) with a collection of unique books – and resources – that no doubt, will be fun to read. (looks like it’s part of a new book imprint published by Gregory Shushan– whose books on the similarities (and differences) in cross cultural NDE’s are, to my mind anyway – the best around.

(this was shared with me this morning by another prolific science writer who is publishing a new book on NDE’s for a major publishing house in 2024 – and I figured I’d share it here with those of you who would like to check it out)

PS – If you have any off the beaten path books or authors that have changed your mind – or changed the way you think about NDE’s and similar phenomena – I’d love to hear them!

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