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Empath Survival Guide 2023

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Everything you need to know to survive and thrive as an empath, intuitive, introvert and highly sensitive person in 2023. Inquire about coaching and career opportunities for empaths by email (

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Empath or Narcissist? Understanding the Key Differences Between An Empath and a Narcissist

What are the differences between an empathic personality and a narcissistic personality?

The key difference between an empath, and a narcissist, is often a subtle difference in how they choose to use their gift.

Master manipulators can be VERY empathic, but they use this talent in the service of taking advantage of others, or getting close…..only to gaslight, or manipulate the object of their attention. “Healer” oriented empaths are much more likely to use our gift in the service of helping,healing, or offering spiritual support for those in need (and the idea of taking advantage, or using our intimate understanding of their fragile emotional state to serve our OWN aims or objectives, is never the goal)