Alex Malarkey Scam? Did the Little Boy Who Go To Heaven Trick Us All?

There are many people who think all NDE’s are made up, imaginary, hallucinations or outright money grab grifts.

Unpopular Opinion:

The truth is, very few near death authors or experiencers, in our experience, are out to trick or deceive people – they may NOT have actually had an empirically, objectively true adventure outside of the theater of their own mind……but, they aren’t trying to contrive or control people for financial gain. (we certainly believe that many NDE’s are authentic spiritually transformative experiences, but all have subjective and interpretive elements that are impossible to ignore as well)

Alex Malarkey’s near death experience – and his book (the boy who went to heaven) – is in fact, one of those sad stories of a true financial grift – organized, it seems…..but Alex’s father. (who reaped windfall rewards that unfortunately, weren’t passed on to Alex himself, who is now in need of dire, and daily physical care due to the accident on which the book is based)

Check out the sad story – and while it’s never fun to share “scams” in the spiritual growth space – it’s important to do so, when they advertise themselves to be obviously fake.

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