Suzanne Giesemann in Conversation with James Van Praagh

For more than 40 years, James Van Praagh has been one of the most respected and accurate evidential mediums of our time. I’m delighted to talk with him on Messages of Hope this week about the proof of life after death he’s gleaned from tens of thousands of mediumship readings. James is also offering a free one hour workshop via the Shift Network in which you can learn to connect to your loved ones and guides in spirit by uncovering your true soul essence. Find out more about this upcoming workshop by signing up HERE for the live event or to receive the recording thereafter:… I know it’s going to be a joy-filled hour, not only because James’s work is so healing, but because he’s also what he calls a “comedium”, blending his years as a comedy writer with the deeply spiritual work he does today. Laughter, love, AND the promise that life is eternal. It can’t get much better than that.

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