Often there is a overlap between the types of personalities that are overly empathic and narcissistic,  and the truth is the narcissist can often be an empath just with a very negative Valence.

For example? Somebody who can feel and tap into the emotional state of others in a more manipulative way whereas in an empathic personality generally has compassion kindness or help as the motivating or animating.
Sort of engine for their own actions.

So a narcissist tends to be somebody who has manipulation at the root of their desire to help whereas the empathic personality is more animated by a desire to support save or you know kind of help the other person.

Empaths tend to also be much more fixer oriented or people pleasers is general, and are very attentive can be loyal to a fault can be generous to a fault.

Empaths can also have a very selfless sort of personality or drive or at least acts in some more selfish ways where a more narcissistic personality tends to be more destructive, feels very entitled to things or emotions or support that they may not have earned.

They can be callous, abusive and less trustworthy or often not trustworthy at all.

They are prone to gaslighting or using manipulation and arguments they tend to play mind games they can be very passive aggressive they can also you know kind of be really kind and attentive to your needs and when they establish trust they can turn around and sort of exploit that trust in the service of their own aims and objectives.

An empathic personality often gives the benefit of the doubt is very charitable and generous with respect to forgiveness.

Empaths are good at problem solving, especially the problems of those we love.

Finally, most empaths are prone to giving people we know the benefit of the doubt with a bad argument!  (has this happened to you.....it's gaslighting in disguise!)

This often happens in relationships, where cheating or a deception or disloyalty is  obvious top most,  but the empath, in our desire to see the good in others, can often trick ourselves into believing the lies and the manipulations of the narcissist in our lives.

What about you?  Share your experiences in the community comments below!

The key difference between an empath, and a narcissist, is often a subtle difference in how they choose to use their gift.

Master manipulators can be VERY empathic, but they use this talent in the service of taking advantage of others, or getting close…..only to gaslight, or manipulate the object of their attention. “Healer” oriented empaths are much more likely to use our gift in the service of helping,healing, or offering spiritual support for those in need (and the idea of taking advantage, or using our intimate understanding of their fragile emotional state to serve our OWN aims or objectives, is never the goal)

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