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Now Reading: What Do Psychics Say About Reincarnation?


What Do Psychics Say About Reincarnation?

svgJuly 24, 2021Musingsgoodkarma

Dear Bonnie: What do you think of the idea of reincarnation? – Sally Dear Sally: I believe we reincarnate many times. Our soul keeps returning to learn many lessons that we ourselves and our….

Psychic medium Sally Page shares her thoughts on reincarnation with a reader.  What do you believe about past lives?  Fact, fiction or just fun fantasy?  Let us know in the comments, or by email, below!

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One Comment:

  • Stella

    October 30, 2021 / at 11:31 pmsvgReply

    What I want to know is do soul reincarnate right away or do they wave to wait til the whole generation has passed?

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    What Do Psychics Say About Reincarnation?

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