1.  Beware of the “light worker” vs “narcissist” syndrome.  Many self proclaimed “light workers” are wolves in sheeps clothing.  (and often far less insightful, intuitive or intelligent than they initially appear)
  2. If you’re sick and tired of defending or explaining what an “empath” is from people who claim it’s not a real thing, tell them to Google the science.  Fact:  There are unique brain fingerprints for those of us who “feel” the world, rather than think our way through it.
  3. If you find yourself feeling things far more deeply than you should be, you are NOT crazy, and you are NOT alone.  (see #2)
  4. Empaths, healers, and light workers thrive in service related work that amplifies and accentuates our own natural gifts.  You aren’t going to do well in a job that is “corporate” or that requires you to tow the company line.  (especially if those values don’t conform to your own own)
  5. Light workers are natural writers, and natural communicators.  (even if you feel introverted, quiet and shy)  Empaths, healers and high vibrational beings are natural spiritual storytellers.  If you’re stuck in a rut, find someone to share your story with it, and serve them.  That’s where you’ll find true freedom.
  6. Discover your unique, personal role in the evolution of the universe.  (we call this finding your dharma, karma and kriya, and have a free cheatsheet you can read about this, here)  Each of us has the ability to use mindfulness, to tap into effortless action and frictionless flow in our everyday lives, in the service of making the universe a more harmonious place for all.  Immerse yourself in these practices, and watch how your life will transform.

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