What is an Empath (New Q and A Discussion Series for Spiritually Sensitive People)

  1. Empaths will typically absorb or inherit the intensity or artifacts in an energy source.  This makes us much more likely to be able to “read” or feel people’s feelings, and even, for many of us…..the thoughts or psychic impressions of others.
  2. This doesn’t mean that we are always good judges of character, however.  It is possible for an empath to be “sucked under” by the intense emotional energy of experiencing another, without fully recognizing the intention of the individual.  (good, bad or benign)
  3. Empaths protect ourselves in a few key ways.  1 is through learning to differentiate between “other” energy, and OUR energy.  In other words, we learn to create a bright boundary between what we feel in others, versus what we feel without ourselves.  We also learn to work with energy to ensure that we can transform it into patterns of thought and expression we can work with, mold and shape to the benefit of all.

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