Many people write in wondering if they’re becoming psychic….but will often confide they are also equally worried they may be going crazy as well!  🙂

The truth is, while consulting with a qualified therapist or counselor is always in order if you truly believe that you’re having thoughts that you can’t control, there are some gentler, more subtle signs that you’re super sensitive (or psychically gifted) too.  Many people on the spiritual path begin to have amazing epiphanies, syncronicities, out of body experiences, precognitive dreams, spirit visitation experiences, lucid dreams, feelings of deja vu, and even incredible sensitivity to the emotions, feelings and inner experiences of others.  (empathy can be a wonderful thing to feel, but it can also be overwhelming as well)

Here is a psychic ability test from noted psychic medium James Van Praagh many of our readers have enjoyed.  If you’ve had a reading with James Van Praagh, don’t forget to leave a review on our community so that others can learn what you thought!  (some people have had great experiences with private readings with some of the more famous celebrity mediums on our pages, and yet…..others……not so much, so the more folks share their experiences, the better informed we’ll all be BEFORE spending big bucks on a psychic medium!)

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