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Now Reading: Am I Psychic or Just Going a Little bit Nuts?


Am I Psychic or Just Going a Little bit Nuts?

svgApril 12, 2019Musingsgoodkarma

Many people write in wondering if they’re becoming psychic….but will often confide they are also equally worried they may be going crazy as well!  🙂

The truth is, while consulting with a qualified therapist or counselor is always in order if you truly believe that you’re having thoughts that you can’t control, there are some gentler, more subtle signs that you’re super sensitive (or psychically gifted) too.  Many people on the spiritual path begin to have amazing epiphanies, syncronicities, out of body experiences, precognitive dreams, spirit visitation experiences, lucid dreams, feelings of deja vu, and even incredible sensitivity to the emotions, feelings and inner experiences of others.  (empathy can be a wonderful thing to feel, but it can also be overwhelming as well)

Here is a psychic ability test from noted psychic medium James Van Praagh many of our readers have enjoyed.

If you’d like to speak to a gifted psychic, medium or empath but don’t have a big budget or time to wait, we recommend Psychic Source for instant readings that are fun, inexpensive, entertaining and quite inspiring and insightful as well!

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  • Kev Freaney

    May 9, 2019 / at 1:43 amsvgReply

    I have always been able to some how feel the moods in a room when I enter. But it really started in 2016 when driving my bus out of Chester Zoo on Merseyside, I had missed a huge truck parked up when all of a sudden my right hand turned the steering wheel downwards missing the truck by inches, my passengers never noticed I think. Since then weird things have been happening , like having a sixth sense and knowing the outcome of things to come.I am not religious, but believe in the spirit world, thank you.

    • Victoria Ritchie

      January 19, 2020 / at 8:42 pmsvgReply

      James remember you from the get go. Appreciated you.. I have a heavy spirit problem. I have cried my plea for a long time.. to no avail. I’ve texted thru trying to get just even someone to refer me . I’ve had these fellas,becuz i have only seen, MAYBE 3 woman, very few in the years ive had them.. To the point. Im afraid for my boys, 8 an 10yrs..i have my 2 grandsons alot. I take photos alot of these spirits, an have noticed the boys have those same little creatures on their heads an all over them same as I do.. 1 death an 1 almost fatal semi crash to a 18yr young boy who had been in a coma long time an still in Ft Wayne hosp even still. I need help crossing the stuck an lost over, there is an evil woman an some tricksters causing sorrow an grief. Dead 4 yrs now, ALLY BERRY help me please. Thank you Victoria Ritchie.. Please see all my photos .😒

    • Sorry no info

      August 29, 2020 / at 12:19 pmsvgReply

      So it started last year so my baby niece lives with us and we take care of her well their was an argument and she took the baby without letting us say goodbye we were devastated BUT I got this strange feeling it was like A REALLY positive feeling so much that I could’ve laughed and I was smiling to but that feeling also told me to smile the baby will be back the next day and sure enough it happend but here recently my mom announced that if she got on disability then we would move to the countryside we still have no clue if we are but ever since I feel really excited and the feeling that I felt that night is back but this time I have two image’s one has appeared the most there is one thats like me and the baby niece are in a yard we live in apartments now so we don’t play outside.anyways me and the baby our sitting on a blanket on the ground/yard playing and the other is I’ve gotten this image with words it said hello I’m …….. Hope we can all be friends and I was popular so i know that I’m introducing myself to a new. Class as if I’m a new student

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    Am I Psychic or Just Going a Little bit Nuts?

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