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Do you believe in guardian angels? Have you had a “visit” from a spirit guide or protective angel and want to know if it was real? Are near death experiences, and after death communication experiences and dream visitation experiences that have an angelic message, or a spirit guide communication, the REAL deal, or are they merely blips of a traumatized brain? And how come empaths, intuitive’s and spiritually sensitive people report so many more angel visitation experiences than “ordinary” people – are they making it up, or are they just more spiritually aligned with the ethereal realms?

Is your guardian angel near? Want to know if you’re in the presence of your guardian angel? Here are six signs you’re being visited by your guardian angel right now.

If you are wondering about whether or not you are receiving messages from your angels, one way to determine it is to have faith and trust your intuition. These messages are frequently custom for the recipient, so only you may recognize their significance. If you feel strongly in your heart that something is guidance from your guardian angel, than it likely is. There are some common messages many will experience, but may not realize because they are not exactly what is expected or perceived as being an angel message. Angels are simple and do not necessarily make grand gestures when sending messages; they simply use what’s available and part of our daily lives.

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