1. What is Your Superpower?

The ability to connect to and inspire people. I’ve always been able to make quick friends with anyone and dial into the core of their essence–what makes them tick, where they need support, how I can empower and uplift them. Equally, singing would be my other superpower. I am an amazing vocalist and it is my goal to use my gift of song and lyrical interpretation to bring healing and inspiration to one life at a time. I saw it done brilliantly through my musical mentor Whitney Houston and it is my sincere hope to inspire a generation with the same passion and fervor

2. What has been the defining moment of your life?

Hands down, the death of my oldest brother Karl. He passed away in October 1999 when I was only 16 years old.

He and I were very close, so his death really affected me, but not in the way you would expect. I foresaw his death about 11 months before it actually occurred. I didn’t know what or why this had happened to me. I did not have answers, but it was the catalyst for my spiritual curiosity and development. To this day, I have yet to shed a tear for the death of my brother. Instead, I thank him for the life that he lived and the time that he had with us. And I know it was part of his life’s purpose to bring my family closer together but also to set
me on a spiritual path so that I’m able to touch lives all over this globe with the gift Spirit has entrusted to me. I choose to honor his memory and that gift daily.

3. Who are your heroes?

My father and mother, Larry Sr. & Chiquita – I am the youngest of six children, so growing up things were tight. We weren’t lower middle class–we were POOR. There were nights daddy had to go hunting in the woods to put food on the table. There were nights momma didn’t eat to make sure we all ate. Through it all, they have stuck by me, supported me,
and I’ve watched them dig themselves out of being poor to being quite comfortable. They are my ultimate heroes.

Whitney Houston – This woman gave me the gift of song. She poured in to my soul how to caress and interpret a lyric and how to sing from your heart. She taught me how to sing. Even in her darkest hours which played out publicly, I supported her knowing that her life and its choices were lessons that we as the human collective could learn from: to be balanced, speak the truth and acknowledge your pain so you can heal.

Iyanla Vanzant – Her no nonsense approach to life coaching is perfection and she has inspired me to think of things in ways that I’d never thought. She has made the most challenging spiritual concepts become accessible.

Lisa Williams – She was the first psychic medium that I saw on TV and she let me know that what I was seeing and experiencing from Spirit was real and it could be mastered and used to help others.

4. What was your first spiritual experience?

Earlier, I spoke of foreseeing the death of my brother in what now call my spiritual IMAX. I was sitting at my aunt’s kitchen bar, acting silly with family when, all of a sudden, I was transported to my spiritual IMAX: a huge, blank white screen that stretched as far and wide as I could see. It was there I saw the scenes of my brother’s impending death play out like a movie.

No one noticed in that moment that I had “left.” I was so shaken by the moment that I immediately told my mother when I got home to which she replied, “Boy!!! Don’t say that!!!” Still, I knew in my heart what I felt was real.  Listen. I am a church boy–a former member of the Full Gospel Baptist Church. The Full Gospel Baptist Church is all about being filled with the Holy Spirit, prosperity, and practicalizing God. As a teenager, I was there when the doors opened and oftentimes there to make sure the doors were locked when everyone was gone. I was a faithful choir member, head of the audio/visual member, and nephew to the pastor. So, when I went seeking answers from my pastor, I found nothing except saying that I should be careful of dealing in “familiar spirits” and the Holy Spirit was the only spirit I needed to be worrying about.

Still, I was hungry to explain what I had saw. The internet was still in its infancy, so I went to the local library and checked out books on anything spirit, paranormal, and metaphysical that I could get my hands on. It was then that I began to really understand, tune into, and develop this gift.

5. What books have you read that inspire you?

“Life Among the Dead” by Lisa Williams
“Trust Your Vibes” by Sonia Choquette
“Jesus for the Non-Religious” by John Shelby Spong
“Forgiveness” by Iyanla Vanzant
“Get Over It!” by Iyanla Vanzant
“Battlefield of the Mind” by Joyce Meyer
“Many Lives, Many Masters” by Dr. Brian Weiss
“The Survival of the Soul” by Lisa Williams
I quite enjoy the self-help genre and I’m always so fascinated to learn more about how to be the best and most
authentic version of myself as I can.

6. What challenges have you faced that have helped you get where you are today?

I tell you what–not only did I lose my oldest brother. Not only am I African American. Not only do I speak to dead people. Not only am I psychic. Not only do I read tarot. Not only am I an African American male. I’m a gay on top of all of that!

Learning to come to terms with my sexuality and be open about it with those I love and respect has been one of the greatest challenges. My family has been my greatest supporter, but the family of my partner has not been.  My partner’s family has been less than accepting. In fact, when we first got together, I wasn’t allowed on his mother’s
property in any regard or in her house “because Jesus.” Jesus would frown on it. Jesus would condemn her. Jesus would smite her. There have been times, after his mother did become more accepting, that we had to sit in her home while she and her husband walked across the driveway to my partner’s aunt’s home and they had Christmas. We have
never been allowed in her home. Through the kitchen window, we could see everyone eating, exchanging gifts, and having a great time while we sat alone and ate McDonalds.

7. What do you love? Who does it serve? And how does your work change the world?

Simply put, I love helping others reach their spiritual goals and helping them develop spiritually. Yes, I am a psychic medium and I quite enjoy doing readings, but what makes my soul open up and blossom is teaching people: You’re not crazy! I’ve seen what you’ve seen! Listen, I have had 17 years of study, trial and error and practice to get where I am today in this world of Spirit. It does not have to take you 17 years! Let me save you 17 years and teach you what I know and have learned. Let me show you how to do a reading. Let me show you how to control your clairvoyant gift. Let me explain to you why “the truth will set you free” isn’t just a Biblical mantra but a way of life. Let me show you what to do if you’re seeing or experiencing paranormal phenomena.  I am working on a series of courses that will be launched on both paralarry.com and my official site larry-armstead.com (the latter of which is still under development) that will help save a lot of time and energy so they can have the best spiritual experience as possible.

8. What would people be most surprised to learn about You?

You’d be surprised to learn that I’m potentially one of the goofiest people you’ll ever meet. So often, when you’re a light worker, you’re expected to be deep and super spiritual every waking moment. NOT THE KID! 🙂 I have been given the gift to make people laugh and smile (I get that from my favorite uncle Ricky) so I just like to have fun. You would also be surprised to learn that I hate to drive! Hate, hate, hate it! If I could teleport back to my teenage self that was so eager to get behind the wheel, I’d slap those car keys out of his hand and tell him to pre-emptively launch Uber so he could be driven around!

9. What do you believe that other people would think is crazy?

Oh my, where do I begin? At the peak, I believe everything is energy. Everything. If only people realized that energy can take different forms, but is still the same core energy made up of the same stuff. We are all big walking, talking piles of stardust that were present at the beginning of the universe. And because of this, we already have eternal life because we have always been. Just because a dinosaur isn’t here in flesh form anymore doesn’t mean the energy has died–it has transformed to calcium and oil. That calcium is ingested by us. That oil is used for our fuel. I mean, we share 60% of our human DNA with bananas. Bananas are full of all the same minerals and metals present  in our bodies. Everything is everything. Everything is the same. We just look a bit different. But it’s all the same energy.

10. Finally, tell us about your favorite spiritual experience?

I don’t think I’ve shared this one with anyone, but a few years ago I worked at a place where I was the general IT (information technology) manager. (Yes, I’m a big old computer nerd!) One coworker in particular, Jeanna, was going through a particularly trying time spiritually with her son who was a medium but was completely clueless on how to control his gift. She would show me pictures and tell me stories about things going bump in the night.

Naturally, I was fascinated.

One day after work, she invited me to come to her house and experience it for myself.  I grounded myself and did a protection prayer and followed her to the middle of nowhere where her house, built in the early 1800s stood. Walking in, the air was stale and cold–in the heat of summer.

This wasn’t AC cold. It was a different kind of cold.

Immediately when I walked in, a light popped on in the kitchen. She and I were the only two people at her home at the time. I began to get dizzy which is always a sign for me that dead people are afoot. I called my spirit guides in and was able to uncover that this was a house of a former male slave owner who did not know he was dead, and if he did, he wasn’t giving up his land to anybody. Her son came home and immediately the slave owner spirit refused to talk to me–he only wanted to talk to her son. I was able to guide her son on how to control the flow of energy from the spirit and both I assisted him through instruction and prayer on how to help that spirit crossover into the white light.

The coldness evaporated from the house and Jeanna’s son said he could no longer feel any presence in the home. As I was leaving, thanked me and wouldn’t you know, her father came through to me. I turned around and told her that her dad was there and she turned as pale as, well, a ghost! I had no idea her father had passed; that’s not exactly something you bring up with a coworker that you’re not close to. He kept showing me photographs and cameras which really floored her. She left the room and came back with a camera–her father’s camera. He was a photographer. And she was carrying on the family legacy on the side, which I did not know.

Her father also mentioned to tell her mother (who was apparently still living) to “dump the chump!” Jeanna later told me that her mother had recently started dating and was thinking of remarrying–but no one in the family liked this new guy…and apparently neither did Jeanna’s father!

She thanked me for all my help. Since that time, Jeanna calls me about once a year to tell me how she is, how her son is doing with the spiritual tools I gave him that day, and to laugh about the “dump the chump” experience.

Thanks so much to Larry for sharing his story with us!  You can learn more about Larry on his website, here. 

Another great place to Connect with Larry is on Reddit – he’s got tons of great Q and A content (with lots of interactive information for fans, friends and followers) his own dedicated thread and a new FB page below, to boot!

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